“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
Matthew 6:33

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Connecting with One Another

What are some common rewards God gives for living as a kingdom steward? What are some uncommon rewards? Are there any things we may overlook as rewards?


Growth through Understanding

Nearly always, employers will put together what is known as a “benefits package” to both attract and retain excellent employees. This package includes bonus items that go above and beyond the standard pay. As God’s kingdom steward, you can also expect to receive benefits for managing His resources in such a way that both protects and expands kingdom assets. The first benefit you can expect to receive is answered prayer. When God sees that you have prioritized the stewardship of His kingdom, you will experience a greater level of connection to God and response from God regarding your own requests.

According to Philippians 4:18-19, the second benefit you receive is your needs being met. When you are faithful to use the resources at your disposal to help meet the needs of others, God will in turn meet your needs. The worst thing you could ever do is be a self-centered saint. Why? Because you are literally reducing, or cutting off, your own needs being met by refusing to be a kingdom resource for others. God meets needs when you meet the needs of those around you.

A third benefit you receive for kingdom stewardship is emotional well-being. Many of the pains in our lives have to do with emotional instability. But when you honor God as a kingdom steward, He brings calm to your chaos. When you put God in His rightful place (first,) you no longer have to worry or be anxious because you know that “God’s got it.” God’s got whatever challenge you are facing, and He will work it out for your good and His glory.

A fourth benefit due you when you operate as a kingdom steward is that of divine guidance. God teaches you how to bring about profit and productivity by giving you ideas, thoughts, concepts and more. He leads you toward the fulfillment of your purpose in Him. As you walk in that purpose, you discover the abundant life Christ promised in John 10:10. God’s “benefit package” includes these four things and more. You will discover them all personally the more you faithfully manage all He’s placed at your disposal.

Growth through Discussion

As you dive into the heart of Dr. Evans’ teaching, use the following questions to generate thoughts to meditate on.

  1. Recap the four stated benefits of living faithfully as a kingdom steward, and expand your discussion of how each one shapes and impacts the faith of a believer.
  2. Have you personally ever experienced any of these benefits? In what ways did this improve your situation?
  3. Linking emotional well-being to “stewardship” isn’t always a common thought. Describe how the two connect and share some ways others in your sphere of influence can be made more aware of this connection as you seek to disciple them.
  4. What are some additional benefits for living as a kingdom steward that weren’t mentioned in this week’s lesson?


Now is the time to apply the wisdom of what you have learned to your life, as you express the depth of your relationship with God through service to Him and others.

Serving God

Make a list of ways God has blessed you with any of the benefits that come from living as a faithful kingdom steward. Spend some time thanking Him for each one throughout the week.

Serving Others

Make it your intention this week to personally disciple someone else regarding these benefits, or even multiple people. Expand their awareness of the blessings that come from living rightly under God’s rules – particularly as it relates to stewardship.