Kingdom Stewardship

The Reclaiming of Kingdom Stewardship

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1 SAMUEL 30:1-20


As we review the concept of stewardship, we should remember that God owns everything. We are merely managers of the things He has entrusted to us. Kingdom stewards have the divinely ordained responsibility to manage time, talents, and treasures in such a way that brings Him glory.

One of the ways we bring glory to God is to recognize that He is the owner of all things. When we fail to acknowledge His ownership, we take on the mindset that we are owners and consequently, the responsibility for ownership shifts to us. Such faulty thinking can lead to living mortgaged lives – paying for the past rather than planning and living for the future; or simply put, living in debt.

In 2 Kings 4:1-7, we learn of a widow who is in debt and in danger of losing her children as a result of that debt. By consulting the prophet, the widow established God as her source, executed the plan as the man of God directed, and subsequently made enough from her sale of oil to not only pay off her debt but to provide for her family for years to come.

Getting Started

Sometimes assuming ownership of something opens the door to give Satan entry to our lives. Reflect on the definition of kingdom stewardship and commit to serving as a manager, not an owner. Have you relinquished ownership to God for everything?

Let’s Get Personal

When we focus on the despair, frustration, and bitterness we may feel during trials and challenges, we grant the enemy permission to invade. However, Ephesians 4:27 admonishes us not to give him a foothold. Are you bitter or resentful toward someone regarding lingering hurts from your past? Remember, Satan may have caused those circumstances; not the person. Concentrate on fighting him through prayer and immersion in the Word.

When we follow David’s story in 1 Samuel, we see David immediately crying out to God when things were illegitimately taken from him, and it appeared he had nothing left. The book of Psalms recounts, through David’s pain, how we should focus on God during tough times. For the next four days, review Psalm 23, 27, 34, and 42. Allow these verses to encourage you through past and present trials. Share the encouraging thoughts you glean from Scripture with others who may be overwhelmed with fear and bitterness, experiencing despair and frustration or facing trials and uncertainty.

Renew Your Mind

David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength in the LORD his God. ~ 1 Samuel 30:6