Transform your marriage through couple-to-couple discipleship!

While marriage has its benefits, it is also challenging and requires hard work. Even your best efforts may not be enough. But you do not have to walk alone. OCBF marriage mentors are trained couples that walk with you… preparing you for marriage, enriching your marriage or restoring your marriage in crisis.

We offer two ways to strengthen your marriage: Marriage Mentors and Marriage Builders.

Marriage Mentors

Mentors help couples experience the benefits and meet the challenges of marriage.

Marriage Mentors commit six to nine months, coaching couples on how to have a rich and fulfilling marriage. During their time together, couples will use a biblically-based marriage curriculum that covers the foundations of a healthy, Christian marriage.

For more information about the program and curriculum, visit the website.

Visit the Marriage Mentors™ Website

Want to be a Marriage Mentor?

If you and your spouse desire to become mentors or are in need of mentors, please complete the Married Life Inquiry form and a Married Life representative will contact you.

Please note that couples that want to become marriage mentors must undergo a screening process.

Marriage Builders

Marriage Builders provides biblical tools and principles to help you and your spouse build a stronger marriage that will last a lifetime.

Whether you have a good marriage and want to strengthen it even more, or are looking for solutions to address specific challenges, or simply want to restore the joy in your marriage, Marriage Builders is exactly what you and your spouse are looking for.

Marriage Builders is an 8 weeks course in the Fall that begins Monday, September 11 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm in the Education Center. The course provides biblical tools and principles that will help you and your spouse build a stronger marriage that will last a lifetime. Registration opens on July 30.

Childcare is available for those couples that register for the class.

Topics we will discuss:

  • The Covenant of Marriage
  • Developing Oneness
  • Understanding Your Roles in Marriage
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Effective Communication
  • Resolving Conflict Biblically
  • Marriage and Money
  • Intimacy Designed by God

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