Adam Where You At?

Men Covered by God

Exodus 34:23-24


When a child is born, human biology determines the child’s gender.  Those who enter malehood have the human anatomy that identifies them as such.  Boyhood is the phase of a male’s life when he is constantly learning, but still dependent and immature.  Manhood is the phase of life that a male enters when he acknowledges God as ruler (Adonai), the covenant giver (Yahweh), and the One who holds the power (Elohim).

In Exodus 34, God commanded all men to meet with Him three times a year.  During these meetings, God established a covenant – or an official bond – with the men so they could receive His protection in their lives.  Men who were protected under God’s covenant were properly aligned with Him and able to cover others who they were responsible for.

Unfortunately, too many men in today’s society are not aligned with God.  This generation of uncovered men has created cultural havoc, especially in our families.  A man who refuses to submit to God will not enter manhood, regardless of his chronological age.  Conversely, a man who wants to see God’s power, use His power, and benefit from His power will align himself under God.

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Getting Started

In the game of American football, professional teams are governed by the rules of the National Football League (NFL).  The rulebook of the league defines all of the rules that each team must follow.  While teams are charged with following the NFL rulebook, players are also required to follow a playbook, i.e., a list of instructions and plays guarding the offense and defense for each specific team.  Everyone who plays football has access to the rulebook, but only players on a specific team will have access to the classified information in a particular team’s playbook.

Many men will come to church each week to hear the Word of God, or rulebook, but are not in covenant with God to receive the information of their individual playbook.  Why aren’t men meeting with God more regularly?

Let’s Get Personal

As Pastor Evans mentioned, Jesus never wasted time because He was always in communication with the Father.  Moses also spent time with the Lord, and continuously received directions that led to the freedom of the Israelites from Egypt.  The information that God will communicate with those who meet with him are secrets – specific and personalized ideas, thoughts, and directions.  Men will hear these secrets only when they meet with God, submit to His will, and obey Him.

What secrets has God communicated to you recently?  If you can’t think of any, why do you think that is?

What distractions prevent you from intentionally setting aside time to meet with God each day?

What would be the benefit of getting rid of those distractions?

Take the Next Step

A lot of Christian men attend church and read the Bible.  Take a look at the following scriptures: Exodus 33:9; Psalm 24:14; and Psalm 103:7.  Based on what you read, identify at least three men you can encourage to meet with God daily.  How will you encourage them?

Renew Your Mind

“For I will drive out nations before you and enlarge your borders, and no man shall covet your land when you go up three times a year to appear before the LORD your God.”
Exodus 34:24

Kingdom Resources for Men

A Kingdom Man is a male who visibly and consistently submits to the comprehensive relationship and rule of God, underneath the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in every area of his life.

  1. Set aside time to meet with God daily, in His Word and through prayer, for the purpose of cultivating spiritual intimacy. Proactively seek to draw down heavenly authority and receive divine instruction. This can be done by reviewing the weekly sermon outlines and key Scriptures, reading and meditating through specific passages in or an entire book of the Bible, or using a devotional guide. The goal is to seek more of God than merely seeking things from God.
  2. Pray daily with your mate and share with her what you are learning from church and your personal time with God.
  3. Regularly use a meal time for praying with and over your family, having devotions, Scripture reading and discussing what your children learned in church or in their own time with the Lord. Remove distractions from this time. If you are single, use this time to pray for any extended family as well as for your future family.
  4. If your children do not live with you, engage them regularly through text or a phone call to inquire as to how they are doing, read or discuss a chapter in Scripture (you can start with the Psalms) and to give them guidance. Close with praying for them, and with them for others. If they are not open to this, text them that you are praying for them each day and ask God to cause them to become more open to this.


  • My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers), paperback devotional
  • Jesus Calling (Sarah Young), paperback devotional
  • Life Under God: 365 Day Devotional (Tony Evans), leather version
  • Prayers for Victory in Your Marriage (Tony Evans), paperback guided prayers
  • Kingdom Family Devotional (Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans), hardback devotional
  • One-Minute Prayers for Men (Nick Harrison), paperback guided prayers