A collection of courses for women designed to help you grow in your faith and live a life that glorifies God.

Women’s Fellowship offers dynamic classes that are designed to do more than peak your spiritual interest. Allow God’s Word to come alive within you as you understand biblical principles more than ever before. You asked for a more rigorous bible study and fellowship. Now here is your opportunity to ‘step up to the plate’ and get started. Hear from God yourself as you study His Word and participate in one of our women-only classes. A space is reserved especially for YOU.

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CL3314: Praying for God-Given Visions and Answered Prayers (Ladies’ Collection)

Learning to listen and hear God is methodical and spiritual. Learn principles of an effective prayer life. Join this prayer journey in a bible study to learn how to align your visions, thoughts, actions, and prayers with scriptures. Praying for YOUR breakthrough.

Required Book: Bible

CL3316: Glorifying God with Your Body: Coaching Healthy Behaviors (Ladies’ Collection)

This class is about YOU and the body given by God to be your temple. Each session is filled with health information, exercising, and learning how to develop a healthy body through healthy behaviors. Health care workers share expertise on diabetes, cancer, body conditioning, weight loss, diet, and EVERYTHING you need to be healthy. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live!

Required Book: Bible

CL3315: Deborah: A Significant Woman of the Bible and Her Faith (Ladies’ Collection)

Does your life seem to be taking a pathway that is much different from what you imagined or planned? Have circumstances or setbacks disrupted your journey to success? Come and learn how Deborah dedicated her life to Godly principles and precepts that can be applied to your day-to-day life journey. Deborah, the prophetess, a wife, and a judge of Israel centered her faith in daily living and YOU can too!

Required Book: Bible

CL3317: A Wife: The Cornerstone of Peace in Marriage (Ladies’ Collection)

To experience a satisfying marriage takes an abundance of commitment to the relationship. This class provides you the opportunity to take the time to be self-introspective about your impact as a wife and your view of a wife in marriage based on biblical principles. Glean Godly principles for the role of a wife as protector of her marriage and cornerstone of peace in the home.

Required Book: Bible