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CL3100 - Financial Freedom Foundation (Stewardship Ministry)

Whether you’re trying to escape the clutches of debt or diligently plan for the future, Financial Freedom is your pathway. Issues such as earning, spending, ownership, savings, stewardship and eternity are addressed with practical applications of biblical principles that will help you make healthy financial decisions. God’s way works every time and in every situation!

Required Book: Building Your Finances God’s Way (ebook available from CompassEBooks.org)

CL3106 - Financial Wisdom

Because money plays a significant role in all relationships, financial wisdom is paramount to healthy relationships. This course will uncover the elements of financial wisdom and discretion in family money management, budgeting, debt reduction/credit management, insurance, taxes, investing, education planning, social security principles and more.

CL3110 - Money and Marriage Small Groups (Stewardship Ministry)

The Money and Marriage small group study teaches couples biblical approaches to managing their finances and strengthening their marital relationship. God uses the good, bad and ugly of managing money to bring couples closer together. Some of the topics presented include building a healthy marriage; giving, saving and investing; understanding the impact of debt on your marriage; and resolving conflict and improving communication.

CL3111 - Financial Peace University (Stewardship Ministry)

Personal finance is 80% behavior and only 20% head knowledge. The goal of this course is not just information, it’s transformation. In nine action-packed lessons, you’ll learn how to beat debt, build wealth, find bargains, invest for the future, give like never before, and much more! Stop worrying about money and start your journey to financial peace today.

Required Book: Ramsey+ Membership

CL3112 - Raising Financially Free Kids (Stewardship Ministry)

Children will not develop money-management skills on their own, especially from a biblical perspective. This workshop for PARENTS will teach learning strategies and provide action plans parents can use in the home that will teach their high-schoolers financial responsibility.

Required Book: Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids

CL3113 - Youth Financial Literacy Workshop (Stewardship Ministry)

Our youth are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements and unsound messages about money every day. This workshop offers proven principles and practical wisdom to help teens navigate the temptations and pitfalls that can lead to poor financial decisions. Youth will be encouraged, educated and empowered with age-appropriate strategies with exercises and games to gain a solid foundation for financial stewardship and responsibility.

CL3115 - Set Your House in Order (Stewardship Ministry)

This course is designed to help you plan your estate, manage your finances and assemble and organize your important information. Students will meet every other week to allow time to complete a comprehensive set of materials and important information such as healthcare and guardian decisions, estate planning, living wills, funeral instructions and more.

CL3120 - Freed-up Financial Living (Stewardship Ministry)

Freed-Up Financial Living offers students a clear, biblical understanding of money management that can bring peace and joy in handling their finances. Learn how to live a God-honoring lifestyle, develop a personal spending plan, prioritize your financial goals, reduce debt, and much more! Enrollment in this course requires students to attend three Saturday classes for 2.5 hours each and complete the Pre-Work, sent via email, prior to the start of the class.

Required Workbook: Freed Up Financial Living (can be purchased in the OCBF Bookstore)