Solemn Assembly
Solemn Assembly

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When God’s people seek Him and call on His name, He answers and works in their lives.

Share below how the Lord is impacting you and working through you during Solemn Assembly.  Let us praise Jesus and give thanks with you (Eph 5:19-20)!

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  • Spankiedoodle says:

    I wanted you to know that I joined your church for the Solemn Assembly and I agreed with Priscilla the first night for healing of my painful knee tendons. Feb 1 90% of all pain was gone from a condition I’ve dealt with for 10 years due to a botched arthoscopic knee procedure. It’s amazing, but there is no explanation for this happening outside of that 21-day prayer event. Thank you for calling for what our country needs desperately—a nationwide Solemn Assembly to repent and return to God.

  • zeru says:

    I am here to testify about what God did for me just like that. I applied for the extension of my stay where i am and God has cause me to get the extension. I didn’t have some information and that was a little bit of worry for me and i asked God that they overlook that and today i just got the news of the success of my application. Halleluyah

  • Dawn Cone says:

    I am so thankful to God and OCBF for this time of Solemn Assembly! During the first Sunday of the fast, I listed a number of things for God’s intervention – my own mental, emotional and physical health in dealing with grief, healing for my husband, reconciliation in our extended family, and healing for our nation. I was feeling pretty low going into this fast, but God…He has:

    – strengthened me (getting out of bed was hard)
    – given me peace
    – strengthened my faith and expectation of promises to be fulfilled
    – changed my thinking (the enemy has been busy)
    – given me clarity and focus
    – given me guidance on specific steps to take
    – revealed the love of a friend as a true sister
    – focused my eyes on Him vs. my situation
    – reminded me of who He is
    – helped me to experience His presence again (I’d been feeling numb)
    – strengthened the reality of Heaven
    – helped me to believe again in the “impossible” as truly possible

    Anyone who has experienced the deep sadness, pain, anxiety, and despair that comes from grief and family falling apart knows how precious this intervention of God truly is!! I could say so much more, but I thank God for what He did during this time AND what He will continue to do.

  • Sharleen Muir says:

    To Dr Evans and the entire OCBF family grace and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This time of solemn assembly has been phenomenal and another hight in Father God for me. The worship services where so spirit filled I felt the tangible presence of God. I’ve become more keen and sensitive to the voice of The Holy Spirit. I’ll never be the same to God be all the glory.

    God bless

  • Beverly Okumu says:


    Please read my attached story above!

    I am a Black Woman Whistleblower!

    America has handcuffed me 3 times, drugged me, and Locked me up in Mental Hospitals… please, may I seek shelter in God’s Home at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship!! I was a member back in the 80’s when my sister was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Dr. Evans was the pastor for the cowboys…

    Please know that I am under 24/7 surveillance, mental stress, and I am Innocent Of Everything,

    Glory Be To Almighty Sovereign Holy God

    Sincerely,. Beverly Luddington Okumu

    Please, holy God, let this email fall on holy Heavenly ears and hearts, amen

  • Jennifer Jones says:

    On Friday night, last 3 days of the fast, I asked God to remove a connection with a person that now longer felt healthy and not let me have any ties to anyone that he did not want me connected to. The very next day, a conversation happened that made it very plain this person is not someone I should be connected to. I am grateful that God heard and answered my prayer. On Sunday, a door for ministry opened that I have been praying about for a while now. They both happened because I prayed and God answered! Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness!

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