Solemn Assembly
Solemn Assembly

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When God’s people seek Him and call on His name, He answers and works in their lives.

Share below how the Lord is impacting you and working through you during Solemn Assembly.  Let us praise Jesus and give thanks with you (Eph 5:19-20)!

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  • Gail McNair says:

    I saw the manifestation of unconditional love as a result of 2 or more submitting to the Lordship of God Himself. I praise God for healing and unity within the Body of Christ.

  • I see Grace and Mercy as Watch Dogs this morning. His goodness and pick me up when I fall. I see importance staying focused and praying.Keeping my eyes on Jesus and not man. I have always loved God but did not know who He was. I see now how corporate prayer works.How important to be connected with people who care about everyone. Your leadership is awesome. Right down to Thursday fight night, how your Pastor and elders prayed this last week, wow! Pray Gods Will for me, it’s not about me. Frances j Fontleroy. Portland Org

  • Deonne says:

    I took part in this corporate (solemn assembly) fast because I was looking for God to give me clarity on some matters. I also wanted to personally draw nearer to God. I am used to fasting personally, but this is the first time I’ve taken part in a corporate fast. I’ve seen God’s hand move mightily from what I read in His word and what I saw play out in my life during this fast. I gave up some things that God has shown me were distractions to my purpose for being here. I had heightened discernment and He gave me Godly wisdom on how to handle some matters.

    One day during this fast, I was driving down Gaston Avenue and I came to a light and I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to look at my Twitter feed on my phone. (I was completely stopped, so don’t think I’m a bad driver-ha-ha). The feed showed a big bold meme scripture of 2 Timothy 1:7. “ God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control.” Immediately, as I began to read it silently the radio station I was tuned into read out loud that very same scripture. I got a chill when I realized that, that Twitter post was not even from that radio station and it was posted many hours earlier by a separate site. Later that night during the OCBF fight night prayer, pastor Dopson stated someone was dealing with fear and anxiety. I immediately, knew that was me. I have been dealing with fear and anxiety over several matters. I trust God and I know he is working in my life, but fear can still creep into our lives. The week prior to that I stayed up late one night (until 2:47am) looking for something on Etsy related to a ministry project I am working on. I just knew God was going to let me find what I was looking for on Etsy, but it did not happen that night. The next morning when I was going into work, a coworker stopped me before I could get to my desk and asked me to come by her office to see something. I told her I was going to login to my computer first and I would come by afterwards. When I walked into her office, she had an example (sort of a prototype) of what I was looking for on Etsy the previous night, sitting on her desk. That’s what she was wanting to show me. When I told her that I stayed up almost the entire night looking for something like that, she said my daughter makes and sells these on Etsy. That was definitely God! I had never even discussed this with her beforehand. I had other things that happened that gave me more clarity on some situations, but I will share those when the revelation comes to pass. I will never underestimate how God works—even down to the minor details!

  • Pam says:

    God is faithful, I started this fast because everyone else was doing it, and wasn’t expecting anything to come from it. After week one I felt I needed to pour my heart out to God and that started me on my journey to wanting to know more about God and how to grow with him. I am amazed at how the Lord wants to love me and have forgiven me and I don’t have to believe what satan tried to tell me about myself , I was full of pride and selfishness and I have asked God to help me in these areas. He has healed me from COVID and I’m thankful. I will continue to seek God daily, praise the Lord that if we are faithful then he is faithful. Now I’m at day 21 of the fast and I’m excited to see what The Lord is going to do in my life. I am praying for my OCBF family and I ask for prayer as well. Thank you

  • Julia Wren says:

    At the beginning of the fast I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was desperate for some things to change and needed clarity. The second week into the fast God made a way for my family to receive land for a fraction of the value. This property has been in our family for over 100 yrs. I am in awww of how God moved. There have been so many obstacles coming at me and I normally turn to my comfort food and lovely desserts. But during the fast when I would face something I would have to say out loud “Julia, you are giving up these foods to grow closer to Christ, so go to Him. He is waiting for you!” Going to the Father and telling Him, “here you go, I can’t handle this” was everything! After talking and truly letting go of the obstacles, I am at peace. I am thankful for the leadership at OCBF for connecting the way you did during the fast. I am the only one in my home who fasted, but having the church body connect in worship, in prayer, text messages, and etc, helped me stick in to the last day. I didn’t feel alone. I learned I am stronger then I knew. I can not wait to see what is to come next. Thank you ☺️

  • Jackie Jones-Lester says:

    I have been a believer for a few decades now. and I can faithfully stand on the scripture, Psalms 37:25 ” I have been young and am old(in mid 50s) ; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. I have through my life, and participated in many times of consecration in fasting and prayer from absolute fast to half days and as well as Daniel’s fast. And in the course of the fasting through the years, I have seen the faithfulness of God’s hand move greatly from physical healing me from 10 years of suffering from migraine headaches, open doors, closer and deeper intimacy with Christ during times of refreshing. This time of Solemn Assembly , there I have discern a distinct divine moment that is apparent that is an ordained moment and He is drawing us closer by His spirit. He has Divinely shaking things up, helping us to remember He is our only source, and will provide the resources, destiny helpers throughout our seasons of life. God sure knows what it takes to get us the proper place and posture for what He has in store for us. I’m an entrepreneur, who wascaffected by the pandemic. I initially wasn’t going to apply for any assistance, because being contracted W-9 , it seemed they just wasn’t clear on how the process worked in my situation. I applied for a grant and was approved immediately, but in the course of them sending the wire to my business account last March. My bank rejected the wire draft due to some internal changes, regarding DBAs, without communicating it to the customer(me). And so for 9 months going back and forth with SBA, jumping all the hoops they asked. I recieved an email stating that I wasn’t eligible to recieve the grant after all. I was so frustrated with this entire situation, but I continued to trust God would show his faithfulness. I continued to trust God , and confess that God is my source, and He will open a door, or provide a way where there seems to be no way. I became initially discouraged, but eventually I just forgot about it and began some other projects. A collegue friend and also my husband sent me text in the same week to reach out to SBA for a reconsideration. So December 2021, I resubmitted a request for reconsideration. I didn’t hear anything. I knew the enemy was holding interference regarding this matter of releasing of the grant at the time. My family and I continued to pray even during the series teaching in December by Pastor Evans. It was a lean season for the business last year, even after many have spoken and prophesied to me regarding God’s hand using me in the marketplace. But I knew God had not forsaken me and the Sunday, my family started the fast, I wrote on our index card favor over the business. during that first week in January, I recieved an email from SBA’s legal team stating from the paralegal that my file was being reviewed for reconsideration. The next following weeks I received multiple email with a final email that I would be eligible to recieve the grant and would be depositing in my alternate business account that was updated last year. I praise God for working this matter out on my behalf. I give him glory, honor , and gratitude for the provision of God, He commanded the prince of Persia to release my answered prayers. I continue to exhalt him for his goodness, for he promised that he would give me double for my troubles. Praise God!!!!

  • Charlotte Jenkins says:

    I feel the Solemn Assembly is an answer to prayer. I agree that the pandemic was allowed by God to mandate a reset in the way we have been having church. In His graciousness and mercy He is giving us yet another chance to get it right! Before the fast, I admitted to myself that I was addicted to food and it was getting out of hand. I have tried unsuccessfully to beat this thing to no avail. I have tried fasting in the past with previous churches and with my husband. I would always wind up cheating and breaking the fast before its completion. But praise be to God! It is day 20 and I have not only adhered to the fast but have discovered that my craving for sweets and overeating have gone! I could feel God honoring my desire to be released from this addiction because He saw me earnestly honoring the fast. I must also give thanks to you Tony Evans and OCBF because of all the support you have given me through it all. My husband and I especially enjoy the Sunday services of pure Praise and Worship as we fasted and the daily devotionals ,giving glory and honor to Him who sits on the Throne! I realize now that fasting and prayer, bible studies, and daily scripture reading is the habit that I need to trade for the bad habit of over indulging in food. I have discovered that by eating healthy my mind is clear and I hear God so much better. I have more energy and desire to do each day what I believe God is leading me to do. Please pray for us to find a church home here in Cincinnati like OCBF. My husband and I have grown so much since watching OCBF church services faithfully since the pandemic started but we believe as you do that we need a local church home but refuse to do church as usual! We are senior citizens and plan on relocating soon to a warmer climate. My husband retires this year and we are praying that when we relocate that God will lead us to a new church home also. As we seek clarity on this we ask that you pray for us as we continue to pray for you. In Christ’s love, Charlotte Jenkins (Cincinnati, Ohio)

  • MB says:

    1st, giving up meat and, especially, desserts is something I’ve been trying to do for years, and even while praying for victory and deliverance, most of those years, it seemed an impossibility. Literally, on Saturday, Jan 8, I couldn’t do it, then on Sunday, Jan 9, I could! I have seen deliverance from addictive behavior with sweets, which is one of the things I’ve been praying for.
    2nd, I am praying for solutions to some pretty daunting, impossible-seeming financial challenges and a particular family issue that’s been causing angst between me & other family members. It also seems that the responsibility of solving it is falling primarily on me. While the issues aren’t resolved yet, I do have greater clarity and more of a sense that God is in it with me.
    3rd, in setting goals for 2022, I believe God has directed me, or at least has agreed with me and helped me zero in on what I should be focusing on.
    4th, weeks before it actually started, I prayed that all the Solemn Assembly activities be available to attend virtually. Praise & thanks to God, they have been!
    5th, I’m experiencing a deeper closeness with each member of The Trinity – God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
    6th, God has blessed me with a hopefulness about the future that I haven’t experienced in years!
    Thank you, Blessed Trinity! Thank you, OCBF!

    • Pamela A Knuckles says:

      I have been a believer since I was 17 however I have lived with depression and porn addiction. I would hide this from others like family and my spouse. I have suffered a great deal mentally struggling to let go of thoughts about my molestation as a child. My father’s abuse breaking up my family. I had abandonment issue in every relationship that cause mistrust. In my late fifty now I have been backsliding more in my life than I care to say. My GOD. My Savior continue to show me His love. I know I don’t deserve HIM and I’m so glad for JESUS. This fast is helping me to connect to my first love. Thank you all for serving faithful. I am the lost sheep. GOD BLESS you.

  • Tonya R. Williams says:

    I was immensely blessed by participating in the Solemn Assembly. The last three weeks has caused me to reflect internally from a spiritual perspective at myself.

    The Holy Spirit pointed out an apology to our son I needed to make to our son was long over due. I apologized to him. Although, he said there was nothing I needed to apologize for I knew it was what I needed to do.

    I spent quality time with His word and in prayer. This time also made me realize this is something I should continue year long for the rest of my life. Dedicating time to Him in fasting and in prayer.

    Not necessarily twenty-one days but as the Holy Spirit prompts me to and the number of days.

    Thank you, Father for Your divine gifts.

  • Jennifer Brown says:

    Fasting for me is being able to hear God more clearer. It’s like He’s right next to me. My marriage has been in utter shambles. The first Sunday was the most therapeutic. My husband joined me in the fast and we started counseling. During the past 3 weeks God has spoken on EVERYTHING I asked for clarity on at week 1. I’m prayerful my family whose card I picked up is also receiving some miracles. I “just so happened” to pick up a card of someone praying for the exact things I was praying for. And the no meat diet…AMAZING! I’ve never experienced this type of hunger satisfaction in my life. I never even considered a meatless diet and I see now why Auntie Tab says “Oh God we thank you “! He truly has given us EVERYTHING we need to live a life in Him. Thank you Dr. Evans and family for this year’s solemn assembly. It has blessed my life.

  • Schanel Thomas says:

    I haven’t followed the script for our fast but I was faithful to areas I committed to the Lord and he’s met me in this place. The Holy Spirit placed a conviction to deal with a bad attitude toward a close relative by reminding me, despite her actions, who she is to me and how much she means to the Lord. My cousin has suffered deeply with substance abuse strong holds and those, compounded with grief of recent family loss led her to make some really insensitive decisions. I decided I was going to tell her about herself and instead, the Holy Spirit – no, pray for her, see her the way that I see her and love her. That’s it. I believe this fast helped place me in a position to hear from the Lord over my flesh. I did as the Lord asked and days later my cousin checked herself into a facility after this experience. She said visited a food pantry and they were playing music outside so she went to check it out. It was a group of people ministering on the sidewalk and singing praises to the Lord. She was so moved that she felt it all throughout her body (her words). She left, went to my aunt and asked for a ride to get help. She called me to share that and to say, she has no taste for drugs, not for alcohol or even cigarettes. She said, I’m done and believe God has delivered me. To God be all the glory and honor. To circle back to my prayer time, which God had me doing almost daily, my prayer was for deliverance, complete restoration, healing and that her victory be a testimony to others that ONLY Jesus could have set her free and he’ll do the same for anyone else that asks. I also saw my cousin completely healed and restored to her physical beauty and beautiful kind heart. I believe and know that God has answered that prayer. Amen!!

  • Sylvia Perry says:

    Good Evening Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. I’ve joined with you from Fremont, California in seeking THE LORD’S FACE during this Solemn Assembly. Although, my purpose in joining you is for guidance, for direction, and complete abandonment to the Will of THE FATHER, I’ve also received some relief in my body. I’m experiencing clarity in my thinking, more energy and strength in my body as I have, prior to the Assembly been weak due to high blood pressure and diabetes. I’m Praising THE LORD for drawing each of us closer to HIMSELF and us to one another. Be Blessed my Sisters and Brothers at OCBF!
    Numbers 6: 24 “May the Lord bless you and keep you.
    25 May the Lord show you his kindness
    and have mercy on you.
    26 May the Lord watch over you
    and give you peace.”’

    • Shirley Walker says:

      So glad you are finding victories in this solemn assembly with OCBF from my home town, California.
      It has been very clarifying for me as well. I had to give a shout out from Stone Mountain, GA when I saw your name, Sylvia. Love and blessings, Shirley Walker

  • Cachet Arielle M'lai Rayford says:

    So grateful to God for the clarity and change of perspective He has given me! I am closer to Him and He showed me a huge decision He wanted me to make that is taking me further into what He has called me to! Obedience is so much better than anything and I trust Him!

  • Mary Rodgers says:

    To be God be the glory! Praise to His name! I entered the fast overwhelmed, confused, hurting emotional, physically, financially! My family and I was fighing a battle that I knew I couldn’t win alone.
    God is worlking it out! Miracles have happened. He is in control!

  • Odishi N. Johnson Scott says:

    This time of Solemn Assembly has been an outstanding experience in being able to search out and focus on the aspects of life that are in need of personal and highly focused attention from God. There are some things that only get heard when this kind of invocation is put at the Savior’s forefront. He is a God of truth, mercy, and is Awesome! I truly feel that there are blessings that God is ready to pour out on us; and answers that he is making immediately clear through Dr. Evan’s decision to call for this time of setting myself aside and call for focused Worship.

  • Gloria J. Armstrong says:

    The first week was extremely rough, number 1, my only daughter and my grandchildren arrived at my home on that Friday and for the first week, my emotions were a roller coaster ride but it dawned on me that the purpose for the fast, in my opinion, was the in order for God to work in me, he had to get some things that was not in his will out of me. God also had to reveal to me that I can get overboard and sometimes outrageous with my actions and even hot headed. The second week, my child and grandchildren left for their own dwelling and God, once again, revealed that the situation was only temporary. I was still able to focus on my business and reading the word and writing in my journal regarding my journey.

    I thank God for guidance, clarity and for the blessings yet to come my way.

    Please continue to pray for me as I continue on this journey even after the fast concludes.

  • Pat Taylor says:

    All I can say is: To God be the Glory! Thank you OCBF for allowing me to be a part of this Solemn Assembly 2022! I have learned so much about fasting and who God is. About 5 yrs ago, my mother passed away and she was the heart of our family. A lot of her estate I had to handle and my family began to change and fall apart. The Holy Spirit at that time pressed upon me even though I didn’t understand what I was facing to keep moving forward. I had close relatives who treated me badly and stopped even speaking. I not only had business to handle, I was grieving, and was abandoned. Anyway, one of the request on my list was that God would restore my family. Well, last Sunday I heard from the family member who threatened to sue me and he apologized for his Horrible behavior! Nothing but God! I had not heard from that person in 4 yrs in a civil manner. Praise God! I know that it wasn’t me. In fact
    he expressed the need to make the family whole again! Hallelujah! Won’t He Do It?

  • Lois Ross says:

    I was led by the Holy Spirit to leave my job before 2021 ended. I have never had to exercise such blind faith in God but on December 27, 2021, I submitted a letter of resignation with a end date of January 3, 2022. On December 27th, I experienced multiplied hell on my job and the Holy Spirit reminded me that God said I was leave before 2021 ended. Of course, I was thinking of the money I would lose and not having a new job lined up but my day only got worse so I changed my letter of resignation to effective immediately and walked out of the prison (I worked for a large prison) and onto faith in God. I have was nervous, anxious but excited at that same time to see what God would do in my life in 2022!! When I learned of the Solemn Assembly and the fast I knew that was what God wanted me to do to draw closer to Him so I joined the fast and I has been an awesome, renewing encounter with our Father. Not only did I grow in my faith and knowledge of God and His will for my life, I also received a phone call from a place I applied to in October 2021 and had not heard from them since testing, interviewing, and even having a polygraph. During the first week of the fast, I received a call from that company offering me the job!! I start in February. I am so excited and grateful to God for giving me something I thought I lost!! What an awesome time of fasitng and encountering our Beloved Father God!!

  • Toun says:

    I want to bless God that my immigration status that I’ve been working on for over 2 years after being in this country for 10+ years was finalized and approved last week! Not only that, the process was done in an unusual order and by God’s grace, I will be receiving my PR card in the mail this week!! God has indeed been faithful.
    I strongly believe in God that the rest of my prayer points during this Solemn Assembly will begin to actualize very soon in Jesus’ name, amen!

  • Good morning OCBF and Pastors.I am grateful to be apart .No God is like our God. Not because of anything i have done God continues to redeem me.Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story,i been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.This is my testimony.He has redeemed me from the hand of the foe,those he gathered from the land,from east and west,from north and south. He has loosened me from bondage,set me free.Hallelujah glory to GOD.I PLEAD THE BLOOD.I am so thankful learning how to pray and seek Gods face. I thank you because i was in a place where i could not pray. But God, I thank Him for Holy spirit. I thank God for those He put in my life to pray for me.God knows our heart.after working 43 years in hospital i started calling for healing power over those children. God uses everything.Even when we lack knowledge. But God teaching me the kingdom way.I am grateful and thankful that He put this church in my life. Things happen when people learn to pray. I want to go back to Chrystal Evans Hurst 28 day prayer journey to enjoy deeper fellowship with God. And when Priscilla Shirer spoke a word over me that broke chains i was not aware of. I was so much lighter,hallelujah.So grateful to all of you. God is not finished with us yet. I may need to stay on this fast. I say to The Lord your will is my will and my will is submitted to you.Things happen when you read the Bible.The Word of God spoken over them children changed their lives. The word conceived in the human spirit,formed by the tongue,spoken out the mouth becomes power. Use us Lord for your glory.

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