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Ways you can help the Evans family during this time:

  • Pray for Dr. Evans and the entire Evans family.
  • Send cards of encouragement to Dr. Tony Evans or any member of the Evans family to: c/o Senior Pastor’s Office, 1808 W Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX 75232.
  • In lieu of flowers, the Evans family would love for your help in continuing the ministry to Pastors’ Wives that was dear to Lois’ heart. You can send contributions to The Urban Alternative and notate Pastors’ Wives Ministry in the memo of your check at any time, or you can contribute electronically at
Remembering our First Lady, Dr. Lois Evans, December 1, 1949 - December 30, 2019

Thank you for loving the Evans family, and thank you for your ongoing prayers.

We absolutely adored our First Lady, Dr. Lois Evans. To our church family, she was a loyal friend, a devoted sister, a wise mentor, and a spiritual mother. She was our example of faithfulness and obedience to God’s Word and His ministry. Our collection of photos doesn’t come close to conveying the full impact Sister Evans had on the life of our ministry.

Feel free share your thoughts, prayers, and love below.
Thank you for your prayers.

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  • AJ says:

    What a beautiful service it was. But an even beautiful life story; her obituary was an autobiography of a life well lived and planted. Thank you for her articulate story it was very vivid and life giving. What a beautiful life Dr. Lois lived serving God. Dr. Evans and her family had a special jewel that sparked through her service and now in her legacy. She was fruitful and multiplied physically and spiritually. Praise God for his blessed plan and His mighty hand for His honor, glory, and praise.

  • {firstname}Shelia Dukes says:

    So sorry for your loss may God always bless your family my name is Shelia DukesI am a long time member 23 years at Friend Ship Baptist church in Yorba linda CA I will see there Sunday June 12, 2022 the Reverend Pastor Kenneth Curry and first Lady Mrs. Karima Curry.

  • First Lady Lois Evans will always be forever in my mind and heart as an “God Leading Lady”. Many years ago, I joined OCBF working in Youth Ministry… I would always see her beautiful smile and very pleasant spirit while working with our young people’s also see her during, afterwards at end of our church services. She was a great example to the many, many ladies & girls at OCBF! I really love and appreciate her teachings also her ministries to ladies Worldwide. She is a beautiful Rose that God allowed us to share. Always will love her influence, dedication and passion that I yet remember. Must continue to share with ladies in my own journey of life.
    Lady Freda Robinson

  • Mary says:

    Prayers and love to your family❤️

  • Cynthia Lee says:

    I see it was her birthday on Dec 1st. I continue in prayer for Dr Tony, and his Family. God is comforting us as we mourn. She is loved and missed, as she is in perfect Peace and Joy with Jesus.

  • Louise Sirls says:

    Dr.Evans, was such a child of God. I really wish she could have heard while living about the impact she left on Dr. EVANS AND others she should have had a First Lady program.
    I loved Her.
    It’s not to late OCBF should have a special Day once a year in her name

  • The will of Jehovah will always prevail. In everything we trust Him even though we may not understand. Indeed this world is a dressing room. The knowledge of this does not make its reality any less easier to accept or acknowledge, but in all things, we look unto God.

    May the Holy Spirit empower you in Jesus’s mighty and, like Mrs. Shirer would say, matchless name. May He pull through in your lives in a way only He can. We are comforted by the fact that WE KNOW where she is, resting in her creator, away from the tribulations of this world.

    You are loved and we pray for you.

    • Dawn Enck says:

      Well Stated. Continuing to pray, and a hope and prayer to examine our lives. May we be faithful and godly as Lois was. Praise God for her and Tony. Please continue to pray for Dr, Evans and his family.

  • Seli Francois says:

    I have never seen a funeral service that left me feeling so proud. It makes me want to live in her legacy and become a kingdom woman. I really admire who Dr. Lois has been. I’ve spent most of my time listening to the messages of Dr. Tony Evans, not realizing what a gem Dr. Lois Evans has been. I have seen a few clips and again, I am proud. In both life and in death, she was able to make an impact. Thanks so much Dr. Evans and family for sharing with us the moments. May the Lord carry you all through this difficult time of separation but knowing that she is in the arms of her Savior is precious. My thoughts and prayers will be with you all. Blessings!

  • Ed & Rachel says:

    We have prayed for healing and the Lord has answered. Lois is as healed as a person can be! See you soon, Lois!

  • Deborah (Hill-Brown ) Scaled says:

    To Dr. Evans & Family. I appreciate your messages of Love and Tribute to your First Lady Lois, and messages of encouragement, I have been praying for you.

    I lost my husband on November 30,2019 @ 4:10am, it was a 2 year battle, but God! Took Harry Wilford Scarles, Home. And now I’m battling to restore my Blood Pressure, as the Lord! Will, I wake up every morning under this uncertainty, with an extremely high pressure. But I know, that the Lord! Is with.

    Love be you and your Family, for many years.
    Deborah Scales

  • Rosa says:

    Dear Evans Family, first my utmost deepest condolences to all of you on the loss of Lois Evans. I am intrigued by her videos and have been watching them often. Pastor Evans, I have listened to you for over 20 years… you are an inspiration in my life. I hope to visit your church one day. Rosa Infantino

  • Aleah Bradley says:

    Even in death she speaks, and is being used as a mouthpiece for the KIngdom. Throughout this whole week I have been watching videos that have been previously posted on her social media. What I get from those videos is that she was an awesome woman of God who really did live life, “For His name sake”. I just want to thank the entire family for answering the call on their lives and being examples of what it means to serve God in spirit and in truth. I have been in church all my life, but after watching Lady Evans videos I have receive spectacular insight on how to apply God’s word to my life. We serve a sovereign God that knows how to use every situation for the good. I know that this is a hard-time for the family and for all of us that love the family, but God is still in control and he has used this situation to turn my attention to Lois Evans’ work. Because of her work for the Kingdom, I now have practical examples of how to live everyday for God and I am going to make sure that these examples become habitual so that I may be used for His glory as well. “For his name sake”, is my Mantra now, and I just appreciate Lady Evans for her excellent work in the ministry. I will continue to pray for the Evans family because of the loss of this Gentle Giant. Well done, Lady Lois Evans, you have definitely left a mark, “For His Name Sake”.

  • Lois’ glorious life being done (“Let me go!”, as she said) and the apex of your Bible commentary is wrapped up in the mysterious profundity of God’s timing. Fruit is at its best – optimal flavor, texture, and radiant at its intended color – when it falls away as its stem is rejected by the very vine that nourished it.

    The whole in your heart for Dr. Lois Evans will forever be a sacred place for you. Thank you and Lois for sharing your lives with me, my family and my ministry.

  • Tina Guidry says:

    She is not far away, She is only around the corner. Those in Christ have an added special to look forward to. Thank God

  • GraceGirl says:

    Pastor Tony, Priscilla, Chrystal, Johnathan, Anthony and all family connected to the Evans I leave my deepest condolences and gratitude. Words can not express the impact that Dr. Lois Evan’s has had on my life. I did not grow up in a Godly atmosphere. I grew up seeing a lot of violence, drugs, and my parents divorced when I was two. I didn’t know how to be a Godly woman, wife, or mother. I prayed and asked God how to be a wife and a mother and I somehow found Pastor Tony and Lois Evan’s teachings. Thank you for your service to the ministry. May God give you the grace and strength to make it through this time. Blessings and peace to all of you.

  • Stephanie Roby says:

    What an outstanding and beautiful family. What a legacy Mrs. Evans has left and inspired us with. So glad to have observed and received spiritually. Felt the love of God displayed in this family. Thank you. Will be praying.

  • Dawn says:

    Praying sincerely for Dr Tony Evans , his children, grand children and great grandchildren children in the passing of our dear Dr Lois Evans wife, pastors wife and grand mother. Dr Evans meant so much to those who knew her. She was a woman of noble character. Who can find a virtuous woman because her price is worth more than rubies. I thank God for allowing me the privilege to meet Dr Lois Evans I felt the spirit of God In her with that sweet and humble spirit . As a pastor’s wife my desire is to allow Dr Lois Evans legacy as a pastor’s wife to help me to be a better pastor’s wife as I serve other pastors wife that God has placed in my circle. She was truly a woman that loved God with all her heart and soul totally committed to the will of God not allowing anything or anyone to keep her from being faithful. Rest In Him Dr Lois Evans. Her memories will live on in our hearts. Lord please comfort and wrap your loving arms around Dr Tony Evans and his family Amen❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nancy Lott says:

    My thoughts and prayers are for your family at this time. So thankful for her legacy. And her heart for people. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  • A life so well lived. May peace and comfort be yours in the coming days. So thankful for the Evans family and the ministry.

  • NO Rosario says:

    Thank you for allowing us to share and view the beautiful memorial service. My condolences to all of the Evans and church family. Please post the final message by Jonathan Evans. It is timely, powerful and I want my son to hear it. I tried to find it on YouTube but the service was taken down.

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