Invite People to Watch the Sunday Broadcast

Follow the three steps below to make people-to-people connections by inviting them to get involved in the life of our ministry!  Let’s get started.


Select five people in your sphere of influence – family, friends, co-workers, unsaved, new Christians, marginal Christians.


Each week, invite these same five people to view the Sunday morning worship broadcast with you through technology.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party
How to Use Zoom
How to Watch the Broadcast Together on Zoom


After the service, use the study guide to engage with the same five people about the sermon.

Get the Study Guide

Sharing is Easy & Promotes the Kingdom!

It’s easier than ever now to invite others to experience God with you in this season of virtual fellowship. And by doing so, you are impacting the world for the kingdom of God and expanding His reach!

Have questions about Share Five? Ask us about it.

OCBF Ministry Advancement video conferencing using Zoom
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