A stronghold is a fortress or a well-fortified place. Spiritual strongholds are those things that keep us locked up and hinder us from experiencing the freedom that Christ came to give.

Our community of support groups are safe-havens for those seeking this freedom, so that no one has to struggle or stand alone on the path to discovering true freedom.

Make the decision to become whole in Christ. Join a Free at Last support group today and you can begin to experience true freedom in your identity with Christ!

2019 Free at Last Dates

Session 1:  Mondays, January 28 – March 25
Session 2:  Mondays, May 13 – July 22
Session 3:  Mondays, September 9 – November 4

All Free at Last Support Groups are co-ed unless noted.
All required texts can be purchased from the OCBF Bookstore.

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Free at Last Class Descriptions

Freedom from Physical Strongholds

Free from Chemical Addictions

Examine the cause of addiction and God’s plan for recovery and restoration.
Required text: The Life Recovery Bible (NLT) by TYNDALE 

Free from Sexual Strongholds (Males only)

Join an accountability system that fosters change and provides practical steps to addressing root causes of desire and impulses that left to themselves, can prove destructive.
Required text: Sex Matters by Waylon O. Ward

Free to Experience Optimal Health

Explore a Christ-centered approach to nutrition, exercise and overall wellness while learning to eat to live rather than living to eat.
Required text: Made to Crave: Satisfying your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food by Lysa TerKeust 

Freedom from Emotional Strongholds

Free from the Walls of Personal and Generational Bondage (Females only)

Identify the walls in your life that limit your potential and obscure your purpose. You will be challenged by the stories of Rahab the Harlot to come to a place of freedom and connection to a healthy purpose and legacy.
Required text: Rahab’s Walls by Laura L. Meyer 

Free from Anger Issues

Join others struggling with anger and emotional control. Learn to respond in an appropriate manner rather than react inappropriately to circumstances.
Required text:  The Anger Workbook by Les Carter, Ph.D. Frank Minirth, PH.D

Free to Forgive

Experience the release from the emotional prison of not forgiving as you experience healing brought by offering forgiveness without strings attached.
Required text: The Passage to Peace by Dr. Guy Earle

Free from Destructive Thoughts

Discover what God has to say about your thought life and how you can transform your thoughts from destructive to productive.
Required text: Transformed Through His Thoughts by Guy Earle

Free from Anxiety & Depression

Uncover the characteristics and causes of anxiety and depression while defeating their hold on your life.
Required text: Depression Walking from Darkness into the Dawn by June Hunt

Free from a Life Without Purpose

Unleash and explore the unique gifts and talents that God fearfully and wonderfully planted inside of you.
Required text: Purpose is a Decision: Discover, Develop and Disseminate the Riches Within You by Guy Earle

Free from Yielding to Satan’s Attacks

Spiritual Warfare is real. Explore the spiritual weapons that believers possess to overcome the enemy’s goal to render your life ineffective for God.
Required text: Victory Through Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Tony Evans

Freedom from Relationship Strongholds

Free from Low Self-Worth

Learn to build self-worth based on what God says about you rather than on the acceptance and approval of others.
Required text: Search For Significance by Robert McGee

Free from Relationship Strongholds

Unhealthy relationships cause undue strongholds in your life. Uncover the patterns and behaviors in your life that may attract you to harmful connections with others.
Required text: Untangling Relationships by Robert McGee

Free to Experience a Kingdom Marriage (Married-only group)

Understand God’s overall purpose for the institution of marriage and His specific purpose for yours.
Required text: Kingdom Marriage by Dr. Tony Evans

Free from Intimacy Matters (Married couples only)

Cultivate deeper intimacy in your marriage by learning God’s plan, purpose and passion for spiritual, emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy.
Required text: Total Intimacy: A Guide to Loving by Colors by Dr. Doug Rosenau, and Dr. Deborah Neel, and/or Celebration of Sex by Dr. Doug Rosenau

Free from Unhealthy Boundaries

Learn about the freedom that comes from setting healthy boundaries through God’s wisdom.
Required text: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Free to Live a Victorious Single Life

Join this community of singles to discover God’s plan for singles in general and discover His plan specifically for you whether you desire to stay single or be married.
Required text: Singleness: How to be Single and Satisfied by June Hunt

Freedom for Teens

Free from Teen Issues (TEENS ONLY)

Learn to handle and express the many issues and challenges that teenagers face in God-honoring ways.
Required text: The Search for Significance: Student Edition by Robert McGee

Freedom from Past Abuse

Free from Sexual Abuse* (Female-only group)

Survivors of sexual abuse will learn to process their past experiences towards the goal of healing and deliverance from the trauma of sexual abuse.
Required text: Shelter from the Storm by Cynthia Littlefield & James Mallory, MD

Free from Oppressive Relationships (Female-only group)

Gain emotional strength and stability to stand firm in God’s Word and reject abuse from attackers and accusers.
Required text: Workbook

Freedom from Grief and Loss

Free From Grief

Join others for encouragement as you journey through the loss of loved ones.
Required text: Recovering From the Losses of Life by H. Norman Wright

Free from the Losses of Divorce

The pain of separation and divorce is real; come process your loss in a loving environment of acceptance.
Required text: Divorce Care by Divorce Care

Free from Abortion Loss* (Female-only group)

Get freedom from the pain and guilt of abortion with the loving acceptance that focuses on Christ’s forgiveness and healing.
Required text: Forgiven & Set Free by Linda Cochrane 

*Free from Abortion Loss Disclaimer: 
We understand the high sensitivity and need for personal touch coupled with confidentiality for this particular group. Due to this fact, space is limited, and pre-screening is required to participate (the facilitator will contact you after you register). It is our goal to ensure readiness and availability for you to participate in the group. If you feel that you are not ready for a group but would like to begin the healing process, please contact the Counseling Ministry directly.

Additional Support Groups

Freedom through Organ Transplantation

Twice Blessed is a group is for those who have experienced the loss of a vital organ to life. Get support and encouragement whether you have already received a transplant, are going through the process of being listed on the national waiting list, or your circumstances will not allow a transplant to take place. Contact us for information on joining this group that meets quarterly.

Free from Emotional Loss (Female-only group)

The Women of Courage group addresses the needs of widows by offering emotional, social and spiritual support. Contact us for information on joining this group that meets year-round.