2019 Victorious Marriage Summit: Equipped

Marriages Are Under Attack!

Our adversary wars against what God has put together and would like nothing better than to see your family

Are . . . You . . . Prepared

to fight for your marriage and protect your family against the assault of the enemy?

Ten-Hut!  Forward March!

into the . . .

2019 Victorious Marriage Summit

Friday & Saturday, March 22 & 23

Gear up for success on the battlefield and develop your battle plan through workshops and sessions designed to:

Expose the true enemy

and his strategy to destroy your marriage.

Identify the weapons

you have available to become victorious.

Prepare you to dress

both practically and spiritually for warfare.

Leading the Command

A Parade of 4-Star Generals

with vast expertise on the battlefield of marriage, speaking on topics to train you for battle!

Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans with 49 years experience
Senior Pastor // Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Dallas, TX

Topic: Dressed for Warfare

Dr. Paul Tripp

Dr. Paul Tripp with 48 years experience
President // Paul Tripp Ministries
Philadelphia, PA

Topic: Kingdoms in Conflict

Dr. Maurice and Jackie Pugh

Dr. Maurice & Jackie Pugh with 25 years experience
Senior Pastor & First Lady // New Life Fellowship
Arlington, TX

Topic: No Opportunity to Strike

Micah Stampley

And you’ll get pumped for the battle through the amazing, multi-octave vocals of Stellar Award Winner, international worship leader, and 21-year marriage veteran Micah Stampley as our special musical guest.

You’ll leave this year’s Victorious Marriage Summit Equipped and energized to fight the good fight of faith to conquer and be victorious!

Campaign Plan

Pre-Training Date Night!

6 – 9 pm

You buy your dinner from the array of food trucks that will be on hand and we’ll provide the movie – Indivisible.

Childcare is $10/child during registration only.

It’s training time!

8:30 am – 3:30 pm

You’ll hear from Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. Paul Tripp, and Dr. & Mrs. Maurice & Jackie Pugh in general session, then attend your pre-selected workshop.

Saturday’s lunch is included in your registration.

Childcare is $10/child during registration only.

Training Exercises


for engaged or seriously dating couples

Speakers: Scott and Kristen Kedersha (bio)

When it comes to joining the military, educating and preparing yourself is the key to success.  It would be foolish to enlist in the military without understanding the basic entrance requirements, reviewing the expectations, exploring the different service branches and deciding between the various career paths.  What’s true of the military is also true when it comes to entering marriage.  Dating couples must thoroughly prepare themselves if they plan to build the strong marriage that they are so excited about!  This workshop is designed to provide dating and engaged couples some insights and expectations about the marriage relationship.

Basic Training

for newlyweds

Speakers: Dr. Craig and Kathy Young (bio)

For a newly married couple, the first five years of marriage can seem like basic training.  Basic training is when new recruits, coming from all walks of life, are suddenly hit with a high level of discipline and regimentation in an unfamiliar environment.  They are charged to adopt – and adapt – a fixed schedule that most people are not used to.  Through this, the recruit’s mental will and strength is thoroughly challenged.  If not careful, newlyweds can allow early challenges to cause discouragement and disharmony in the marriage relationship.

In this workshop, newlyweds will be equipped with the mental, emotional, and spiritual toughness to stand firm when under attack.

Soldiers for Life

for those married 25+ years

Speakers: Elder Eddie and Zelda Freeman (bio)

After earning many benefits and entitlements through years of faithful service, there comes a time when a soldier gets to retire.  This means no more rigorous exercises and training; no more early mornings; no more foot marching.  Life for the retired soldier is now on cruise control.  While this is a great thing, living on cruise control for a married couple can be disastrous.  Satan often attacks couples that retire from actively pursuing a vibrant, healthy, growing marriage.

This workshop will challenge seasoned couples to return to “active duty” and begin investing in their marriage again.

Joint Operations

for blended families

Speakers: Chris and Gina Wheel (bio)

Blended families are becoming much more of the norm, yet there are some challenges that a blended family faces that others may not, or at least not to the same degree.  These challenges may include dealing with past pain, hurting kids, and balancing the rules of multiple households.  Often, Satan tries to use these new dynamics to cause division and turmoil in the home.

This workshop is designed to equip couples to join together and stand firm against the attacks of the enemy.

Guarding Against the Enemy’s Landmines

for all couples

Speakers: Tony and Roslyn Scott (bio)

Landmines are containers of explosive material with detonating systems that are designed to deny ground, injure or kill a person.  They are generally buried within 15 cm of the earth’s surface, making them extremely hard to detect.  Satan has hidden landmines for every marriage that seeks to honor God!

This session will expose, as well as help equip couples on how to guard against, these hidden landmines in an effort to destroy the Christian marriage.

Critical Information

Who can register for the Marriage Summit?

The summit is open to all married, engaged, and seriously dating couples.

What are the dates and times for the conference?

The Summit will be on Friday, March 22nd, 6-9 pm, and on Saturday March 23rd, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Is there a cost to attend the Marriage Summit?

Yes.  The cost is $40 per couple, which includes a box lunch from McAlister’s Deli on Saturday.

Is group registration available?

No.  Only one couple can be registered at a time.

Will refunds be offered if I can’t attend?

No.  However, your registration is transferable.

What is the attire?

The attire is casual and comfortable. We encourage everyone to come dressed in camouflage!

Is there reserved seating?

No.  Seating is on a first come, first seated basis.

Will childcare be provided?

Yes.  The cost is $10 per child and must be reserved and paid for at the time of registration.

What time will childcare check in begin?

Friday: 6:30 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am

Will food be provided for children in childcare?

On Saturday, yes.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Will there be a sign interpreter?

If you require sign interpretation, please ensure you indicate so when registering.  Based on need, a sign interpreter will be provided.

Who are the conference speakers?

General Session Speakers: Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. Paul Tripp, and Dr. Maurice and Jackie Pugh

Training Exercises Leaders: Scott and Kristen Kedersha, Dr. Craig and Kathy Young, Eddie and Zelda Freeman, Chris and Gina Wheel, and Tony and Roslyn Scott

Will there be workshops at this event?

Yes.  There will be an option to choose one workshop (i.e., “Training Exercise”).

What is on the program?

Program details are not available.  Please prepare to stay for the entire event.

Is there a Summit hotel?

There is no official Summit hotel, but a list of surrounding hotels is available here.

Is there shuttle service to/from hotels?

Shuttle service will not be provided by OCBF.

Will there be food available?

Yes, concessions will be available on Friday and throughout the day on Saturday (beginning at 7:00 am) at reasonable prices.

Will food be provided for children in childcare?

On Saturday, yes.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided.