Romans 5:12-21


Ruling by grace refers to the authority that the believer can experience through Jesus Christ. The Scripture tells us that through the gift of grace, we are able to reign in life! (Romans 5:17) God’s children have the power to live victoriously in righteousness, exercising dominion in every area of life as they also live under the rule of Jesus Christ. Because Christ has been victorious in death, when we believe and act out that belief in His power, we can experience victory too!

Romans 5:12-21 explains how Christ’s victory became our victory through His righteousness ascribed to us. Sin and death entered the world through Adam; subsequently this resulted in sin and death for all mankind. However, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ resulted in grace and righteousness, which by faith, has been extended to all who believe in Him. Romans 5:17 refers to this gift as “the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness”. If by one man’s sin, all men were rendered defeated, then through one man’s righteousness, all men also have the opportunity to experience victory! Christ has made provision for us; His provision allows us to rule by grace as we identify with Him. Christ sits at the right hand of the Father to give us victory and deliverance in life over those things that are outside of the will of God. Therefore, we can have confidence to rule in righteousness as we rest in Him.

In order to live with authority and dominion, the abundant gift of grace must first be received and then actively believed. We provide evidence that we have received and believed God’s gift of grace by the way in which we act out our faith in our everyday lives. As we grow in grace and understand our spiritual authority, we must operate in our spiritual victory even when we don’t feel victorious! When we believe God despite what we can see or feel, we are activating the rule of grace -resulting in victory over everyday circumstances.

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Getting Started

  1. What points from today’s sermon resonated with you most?
  2. Do you consider God’s grace an easy concept to understand? Is God’s grace an easy principle to accept and act on? Why or why not?
  3. Understanding God’s imputed grace ascribed to each individual based on the righteousness of His Son, can be a difficult concept to understand. Have you ever been a part of a group where you received a benefit not based on your own merit but by the merit of others? How did that make you feel? How can that type of experience help you describe imputed sin finding its origin in Adam, and imputed righteousness finding its origin in Jesus Christ?

Let’s Get Personal

  1. Do you feel as if you have a solid understanding of God’s grace? How has grace made a difference in the confidence with which you live your life?
  2. Are you experiencing victory in your life? How does your understanding of grace, spiritual position, and spiritual authority impact the level of victory you currently have?

Take the Next Step

  1. Through this sermon we learned that Ruling by Grace must be activated by faith. It is possible that we do not experience victory in every day circumstances because we are not boldly operating within our God given spiritual authority. What issue are you facing where you need to apply a confident dose of faith? What does it look like to have faith in God for a victory that seems impossible? Find an opportunity this week to operate in your authority by relating to your hardship through faith.
  2. 2 Corinthians 10:5 is a priceless Scripture when it comes to exercising godly rule over anything that opposes God in your life. Read this passage and meditate on it this week.
  3. Want to go deeper? Take time to look at the follow passages: Corinthians1:30Rom 16:20Joshua 10:22-27Colossians 2:14-15Romans 5:1-2Romans 5:8-10Romans 1:17Ephesians 2:6Hebrews 10:12Hebrews 10:14Rom 13:12-14Corinthians 5:21Corinthians 15:221 Corinthians 15:45.

Renew Your Mind

“…as sin reigned in death, even so grace would reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 5:21

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