Exodus 14:1-18


God allows His children to face a dilemma in order to reveal the greatness of His power. What appears to be a no-win situation
is actually a situation in which God can be glorified in the lives of those who love and obey Him. In Exodus 14, the Israelites
found themselves in a precarious position. After fleeing Egypt and escaping the hard rule of Pharaoh, God’s people were stuck
between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army that was now in hot pursuit. They found themselves in a no-win situation. Even
though they had been obedient to God, they still faced peril in either direction.

God uses dilemmas, like this one, to position His people to see His supernatural power. The Israelites were in God’s will
despite the dilemma they faced. God had answered their prayers and Pharaoh released them. They had been obedient and left
Egypt. The Israelite nation thought they were finally free yet they still faced a “catch-22.”

But in Exodus 14:13-16, we see that in the midst of a desperate and stressful situation, the people of God cried out to the Lord
for deliverance. Their dilemma made them dependent on God because they didn’t have a solution to the problem at hand. God
answered their cries for supernatural intervention and split the Red Sea. The Israelites were able to walk across dry land. They
prayed to God then acted in concert with Him. When we face hard circumstances, we should cry out to God and then be wiling
to do what He says, even if we don’t know what the outcome is going to be.

At the end of Exodus 14, the Bible tells us that the Israelites finally believed God. God allows both dilemmas and our
deliverance in order to demonstrate His power. He delivers us from difficulties that he has allowed in order to grow our faith.
His purpose is always to display His glory and power in the midst of our problems.

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