OCBF Main Number: 214-672-9100
Security: 214-672-9127

Senior Pastor’s Office (SPO)

Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor

Name Position Extension
Dr. Tony Evans Senior Pastor
Sylvia Stewart Executive Administrative Assistant 9186
Raelynn Pineda Administrative Assistant 9157
Kendrick Brown Men’s Fellowship Volunteer 2501
Lois Evans Women’s Ministry Volunteer 2520
James McNeal Reconciliation Volunteer 9173
Oletha Barnett Reconciliation Volunteer 9173


Name Position Extension
Karla Reese Director of Stewardship 9144
Linda Bailey Stewardship Volunteer 9187
Vacant Office Assistant

Executive Business Office (SPO)

Gregory Smith, Executive Business Manager

Name Position Extension
Gregory Smith Executive Business Manager
Jacqueline Laster Administrative Assistant 9124


Name Position Extension
Tammy Jones Director of Accounting 9155
Jannica Green Sr. Accounting Clerk 9166
Leo Williams, Jr. Accounting Clerk/Statements & Contributions 9143/9161
LaTasha Horne Accounting Analyst 9197
Vernon Caddell Accountant Analyst 9163


Phone: 214-672-9119

Name Position Extension
Terri Williams Bookstore Director 9189
Crystal McGruder Bookstore Coordinator 9141
Heather Mears Production Coordinator 9153
Tonia Taylor Bookstore Sales Associate 9119
Vacant Bookstore Sales Clerk 9119

Credit Union

Phone: 214-672-9180

Name Position Extension
Colette Shaw Credit Union Manager 5309
Elizabeth Villela Credit Union Member Service Rep 5309
Christina Westmoreland Credit Union Member Service Rep 9180

Food Services

Name Position Extension
Ronald Haywood Director of Food Services 9252
Tobin Baker Food Services Cafeteria/Chef 9254
Shedric Wallace, Jr. Food Services Cafeteria/Chef 9254

Ministry Advancement

Shari Carroll, Executive Director

Name Position Extension
Shari Carroll Executive Director/Ministry Advancement
Rena Harrell Administrative Assistant 9193
Felicia Craighead Boyd Communications Supervisor 9149
Jennifer Adkisson Marketing Coordinator 9188
Toni Holloway Social Media Coordinator 9147
Jacoby Williams Graphic Design Coordinator 9134
LaDarwin Cumby Graphic Designer 9109
John L. Rothra Web Administrator 9162

Human Resources

Connie Williams, Executive Director

Name Position Extension
Connie Williams Executive Director/Human Resources
Courtney Gray Administrative Assistant 9140
Brionne Williams Sr. HR Generalist 9131
Tonya Hudson HR Coordinator 9138
Winnie Cooks Payroll Coordinator 9139
Brittany Larry Receptionist 9137
Deborah Baker Receptionist 9174
Carol Harrington Receptionist 9174


Dallas Diggs, Executive Director

Name Position Extension
Dallas Diggs Executive Director/Administration
Renee Schretlen Administrative Assistant 9123
Gayle Harrison Events Coordinator 9151

Building Operations

Name Position Extension
Satellite Office (Education Center) 9109
Jerry Drummond Director of Building Operations 9233
Shari Sargent Lead Building Operations Supervisor 9106
Louis Scott Maintenance Supervisor 9102
Montrel Powell Custodian Supervisor 9207
Phanandus Miles Repairman 9105
Marcus Furlough Repairman 9231
Jay Clews HVAC 9219

Information Technology

Name Position Extension
Eric Dockery Director of Information Technology 9136
Yolonda Sands Network Administrator 9257
Vacant Database Developer
Terry Mathys Help Desk Technician 9255
Joe Melton Help Desk Technician 9216

Membership Services

Name Position Extension
Sandra Robinson Director of Membership Services 9185
Vacant Membership Services Coordinator 9178
Sheneca Bennett Membership Services Coordinator 9172
Cassandra Bynum Office Assistant 9160


Name Position Extension
Herbert James Acting Director of Security 9226
Security Emergencies 9127


Bobby Gibson, Lead Associate Pastor

Name Position Extension
Bobby Gibson Lead Associate Pastor/Fellowship
Deborah Scott Administrative Assistant 9114
Deborah McCampbell Receptionist 9113
Floyd Williams Fitness Coordinator 9116

Community Life

Name Position Extension
Terri Pittman Director of Community Life 9122
Anthony Scott Community Life Coordinator (Men) 9115
Tammara Hunt Community Life Coordinator (Women) 5502
Stevie Simmons Married Life Coordinator (Couples) 5501
Erinn Watkins Single Life Coordinator 5508

Counseling Center

Name Position Extension
Guy Earle Director of Counseling 9117
Christal Castillo Counseling Coordinator 9152
Ashley Jackson Receptionist 9152

Silver Stars/Comfort & Care

Name Position Extension
Darrell Thomas Director of Comfort & Care, Silver Stars 9120
Trina LaTour Silver Stars Coordinator 9107
Lawrence Brown Comfort & Care Coordinator 9111


Name Position Extension
Vacant Associate Pastor/Worship
Jeanette Boone Administrative Assistant 9156
Ashley Irons Worship Coordinator 9177
Timothy Johnson Director of Hospitality 9323


Name Position Extension
Walter Silverberg Director of Media 9150
Tory Robertson Media Producer 9196
Ruben Pineda Media Technician 9195
Thomas Wilson Media Technician 9158


Name Position Extension
Roy Cotton Director of Music 9170
Shelton Summons Band Director 9179

Christian Education

Norman Vasquez, Associate Pastor

Name Position Extension
Norman Vasquez Associate Pastor/Christian Education
Gail Thames Administrative Assistant 9274

Children’s Ministry

Name Position Extension
Cynthia Dixson Director of Children’s Ministry 9278
Candice Holmes Child Care Coordinator 9247
Lisa Evans Children’s Ministry Coordinator 9279
Calvary Zender Children’s Ministry Coordinator 9293
Tarik Jackson Children’s Ministry Assistant 9251


Name Position Extension
Vernon King Director of Youth 9287
Ocielia Gibson Youth Coordinator 4181
Audresha Pemberton Youth Coordinator 9229
Vacant Youth Coordinator 9229
Vacant Youth Worker 4136

Outreach (The Turn·Around Agenda)

Chris Wheel, Executive Director

Name Position Extension
Christopher Wheel Executive Director/Outreach
Vacant Administrative Assistant 9318
Linda Richardson Receptionist 9319
Shaundale Johnson Volunteer Coordinator 9329

Missions & Evangelism

Name Position Extension
Claude Bailey Director of Missions & Evangelism 9315
Brendon Jones Missions & Evangelism Coordinator 9330

Public Schools Outreach

Name Position Extension
Ashley Randolph Director of Public Schools Outreach 9328
Allen Lockhart In-School Program Coordinator (Duncanville) 5307
Tamitra Griffin In-School Program Coordinator (Lancaster) 5300
Karlos Harbor In-School Program Coordinator (Dallas) 9309

Technology Institute

Name Position Extension
Patrice Powell Director of Technology Institute 9326
Tamika Gipson Technology Education Coordinator 9314
Vacant Job Placement Coordinator 5302

TTA Family Services

Name Position Extension
Christopher Wheel Director of TTA Family Services
Susan Ford-Tyler Receptionist 9300
Sarah Thomas Nurse Manager 9303
Lafayette Holland MFH Coordinator 9300
Mildred Flowers MFH Coordinator 9300
Vacant MFH Coordinator 9317
Charlondria Sanders Client Services Coordinator 9302
Vacant Family Services Coordinator 9301

TTA Resale Store

7125 S Polk St, Ste 1 (map)

Name Position Extension
Brenda Payne Director of Resale Store 9316
Kara Richardson Supervisor 9320
Charles Austin Store Clerk 9324
Elizabeth Houston Store Clerk 9324
George Hayden Receiving Clerk
Robbie McDonald Receiving Clerk 9321/9324

Fellowship Christian Academy

Dr. Larry Mercer, Executive Administrator

Phone: 214-672-9200

Name Position Extension
Dr. Larry A. Mercer Executive Administrator
Terilyn Tucker Administrative Assistant 9277
Karen Gosby Head of School 9283
Raven Hawkins Administrative Assistant 9289
Kevin Cook Dean of Student Services 9258
Debra Thomas Receptionist 9206
Janet Santana Director of Enrollment 9249
Barbara Griggs Nurse 4140
Audrey Pitts Librarian 4241

After School

Name Position Extension
After School/Gym 9240
Rolanda Allen After-School Supervisor 9256


Name Position Extension
Jessie Holley Director of Athletics 4141
Brandon Wilson Athletic Coordinator

Early Childhood

Name Position Extension
Ella Brown Director of Early Childhood 9234
Rose Howard Early Childhood Supervisor 9282

Other Areas

Name Extension
OCBF Bookstore (closed Saturdays except during special events) 214-672-9119
OCBF Business Center 214-672-9153
Oak Cliff Christian Credit Union (closed Mondays) 214-672-9180
Prayer Line 214-672-9191
The Urban Alternative Executive Office
2821 Prince George Ave
DeSoto, TX  75115
214-943-3868 ext. 200
Fax: 214-943-2632
Urban Evangelical Mission 214-565-1912