Who Can Protest

Player Eligibility Protests can ONLY be submitted first only by the team coach; second by a team participating in the same division as the team with the player(s) whose eligibility is being challenged. A coach is NOT allowed to protest the eligibility of a player from another team without having the eligibility documentation for its own players, this documentation (binder) must be shown to a Turnaround Athletics Site Director before the On-line Protest Form is accepted.

What Can Be Protested

The following items may be protested:

  • Player is beyond allowable age maximum
  • Player is on multiple teams in same division

When Can Protest Be Made

To be eligible, protests must be filed in a timely manner:

  • Pre-Game Protest: A protest of player eligibility may be made at any time prior to a game. Any Pre-Game Protest should be submitted as soon as possible so that it may be considered in a timely manner.
  • Post-Game Protest: Any post-game protest of player eligibility must be made by 5 pm on the Tuesday after the conclusion of a game between the protesting team and the team with the player(s) whose eligibility is being challenged.
  • Protest Limited.  No other player eligibility protests will be considered. A team is deemed to waive any opportunity to protest any player’s eligibility not within these protest periods.

How to File Protest

All protests must be completed online on the Official Protest Form and accompanied by the protest fee of $50 (cash/money order/cashier’s check) which must be paid for each player challenged. The Protest Fee is refundable only if the matter is ruled in the favor of the protesting party. If the Protest is not upheld, the Protest Fee is forfeited.

Protest Upheld

If a player is ruled ineligible, the player will be prohibited from participating in remaining games of the league.  If a Post-Game Protest is upheld, that game will be forfeited by the team with the ineligible player, as well as, ALL prior games will be forfeited, and the offending team will no longer be allowed to participate in any remaining games for the season including post season play. The Protest Fee will be refunded to the protesting team for each protest upheld.

Protest Denied

If the Player Eligibility Protest is denied, the Protest Fee is forfeited.

Ruling Binding

Any Player Eligibility Protest ruling made by Turnaround Athletics is binding upon all coaches, players, and attendees of the event. There is NO appeal of any upholding or denial of a Player Eligibility Protest.

Turnaround Athletics shall apply the Player Eligibility Rules in such manner as Turnaround Athletics and its Site Directors deem appropriate to uphold not only the letter but the spirit of such rules. Turnaround Athletics will impose such additional sanctions, suspensions or other corrective action it deems appropriate under the facts and circumstances of noncompliance with the player eligibility rules. All coaches, players, and attendees shall be bound by any such application of the rules and corrective action imposed by Turnaround Athletics.

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