Player Eligibility

Players must meet the following to be able to play:

  • Age-based eligibility
  • Eligibility is determined on age as of September 1st
    • i.e., if an athlete is 8 on or after September 1st, they are allowed to play in the 8U division
    • i.e., if an athlete turns 9 before September 1st, they will need to play in the 10U division
  • A player can only play on one team in one age division during the season
  • A player can play can play up on another team in another age division they qualify for

A player may play in a higher age division.

Gender Specific Divisions

Players are only allowed to play in a division for that player’s gender.

Signed Waiver & Release

Each participant must have a signed Athlete Registration Form.

Additional Required Documentation

Each participant must provide team coach the following:

  • Copy of Athlete Registration Form
  • Copy of their birth certificate
  • Recent report card
  • Player photo

Proof of Player Eligibility

Team Responsibility

  • Proof of player eligibility is the responsibility of the team coach
  • Each team is required to have its team binder at every game
  • Team binder must include the following:
    • Copy of each participant’s birth certificate
    • Current participant’s report card
    • Recent participant’s photo
    • Copy of player participant waiver
  • Team binder is required to be placed on scorer’s table prior to and for the duration of gam
  • TAYBL Officials my check team binder prior to or any time during a game

Documentation Required For Eligibility

  • Each team is required to have grade and age documentation
  • Coaches must possess a current, identifiable picture of the athlete available for each player for review at any time during the league
  • Proof of grade and age must be available for review by TAYBL Officials at all games
  • Failure to have such information available at the event may result in player ineligibility, game forfeiture, and/or team removal from the league

Acceptable Forms of Documentation

  • Photocopies of birth certificate
  • Copy of adoption papers
  • Copy of immigration papers
  • School documentation with DOB, current driver’s license or current passport
  • Copy of any report card of the current or immediately preceding school year
  • Copy of progress report for the current school year
  • Current school ID