Singles Pursuit Summit
Workshop Descriptions
Workshop designed to help set you free from strongholds:

Battlefield of the Mind (Emotional Strongholds)
There are many of us walking around physically free but are actually mental prisoners of past experiences, conversations, and decisions. This workshop will help you learn how to take control and be set free of the destructive thoughts that enter the mind. We will seek to remove the stigma and shame regarding counseling and identify when someone should seek professional help. Included is a much-needed discussion about mental health issues.

The Ex-Files (Relationship Strongholds)
In Genesis, God identified that humans are not meant to walk through this life alone. In this workshop, we will concentrate on healing the residue from broken relationships in our past and learning how to pursue healthy relationships—romantic, friendships, and family.

Let’s Talk About Sex (Sexual Strongholds—Separate workshops for Men & Women)
Whether it’s on TV, online, or our social media feeds, we live in an oversexualized culture. This workshop will include a panel discussion about pornography, same-sex attraction, sexual promiscuity, and celibacy. Learn God’s purpose for the gift of sex and how to pursue purity in your unmarried season.

The Invisible War (Spiritual Strongholds)
Sometimes the root of our struggle is in the unseen battles that rage daily in the lives of believers. While the attacks of the enemy are real, we serve a God who has given us the victory! This workshop will focus on the spiritual roots of our strongholds, discuss the tactics of the enemy, and the tools that God has given us to walk in freedom.

SERVICES   Sunday 7:50 & 10:50 am | Wednesday 7:00 pm

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