Sample Metrics
Sample Ministry Metrics
Spiritual Metrics
  • Presentations to Give People Opportunities to Make Professions of Faith
  • Percentage of Members Connected to a Small Group
  • Percentage of Members Spiritually Connected at the Church
  • Percentage of Members
  • Baptisms
  • Discipleship/Spiritual Formations Class Participation
  • Percent of Giving from Top Givers
  • Assimilation Velocity
Community Metrics
  • Small Group Participation
  • Membership Class Attendance
  • Total Number of Small Groups
  • Weekly Volunteers to Total Attendance
  • Average Visits to Church Building per Week
  • Volunteer Pipeline Velocity
Outreach Metrics
  • Number of 1st Time Guests
  • Website visitors and Facebook “Likes”
  • Number at Big Events Targeted to Reach People for Christ
  • Number of Mission Trips
  • Percentage of First Time Givers to Total Giving Units
  • Ratio of Visitors to Attenders
  • Number of Active Missionaries
  • Small Group Density
  • Number of New Guests to Total Attendance at Big Events
  • Volunteer Service Hours Given by Church Members
Operational Metrics
  • Percentage of Seating Capacity
  • Number of Months of Operating Expenses in Checking
  • Number of Giving Units
  • Giving Type Breakdown (Sunday Worship Attendees, Online Giving, etc.)
  • Percentage of Average Growth Year Over Year
  • Percentage from 1st time / New Givers to Total Budget
  • Percentage of Membership Consistently Giving
  • Percentage of Full Parking Spaces
  • Budget Component Breakdown
  • Ministry Dollars to Attendance
  • Net Income/expense per Attendee
Growth Metrics
  • Percentage of Growth in Weekly Attendance
  • Percentage of Growth from the Un-churched
  • Numerical Growth in the Church Database
  • Numerical Growth in Baptisms
  • Numerical Growth in Active Attenders
  • Numeral Growth in Discipleship
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Leader to Participant Ratio
Human Resources Metrics
  • Average Staff Tenure
  • Employee Satisfaction Level
  • Employee Turnover Rate
  • Training Time Per Employee
  • Employee Productivity
  • Benefits – Healthcare Cost Allocation
Business Operations Metrics
  • Days’ of Inventory Sales
  • Inventory Turns
  • Operating Income Margin
  • Cash Position of Business
  • Actual Expenses versus Budgeted Expenses
  • Overall Sales Growth

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