Weekly Study Guide Archive
Understanding God
Part 1: Understanding God's Nature
Part 2: Understanding God's Glory
Part 3: Understanding God's Sovereignty
Part 4: Understanding God's Holiness
Part 5: Understanding God's Love

Esther: Pathway to Purpose
Part 1: Seeing the Invisible Hand
Part 2: For Such A Time As This
Part 3: Divine Coincidences
Part 4: Divine Reversals
Part 5: Date With Destiny

U Turn: Reversing Your Consequences
Part 1: The Key to Your Reversal
Part 2: Reversing Spiritual Consequences
Part 3: Reversing Incurable Consequences
Part 4: Reversing Irreversible Consequences
Part 5: Reversing Generational Consequences
Part 6: Reversing Discrimination Consequences
Part 7: Reversing Addiction Consequences
Part 8: Reversing Financial Consequences
Part 9: Reversing Anxiety Consequences
Part 10: Reversing Sexual Consequences
Part 11: Reversing Idolatrous Consequences
Part 12: Reversing Demonic Consequences

Part 1: Why Sin Matters
Part 2: The Strategy of Satan
Part 3: Sin’s Deathtrap
Part 4: Sowing & Reaping
Part 5: Understanding the Passive Wrath of God
Part 6: Free to Choose

Part 1: The Key to Becoming an Overcomer
Part 2: The Priority of an Overcomer
Part 3: The Faithfulness of an Overcomer
Part 4: The Conviction of an Overcomer
Part 5: The Intolerance of an Overcomer
Part 6: The Commitment of an Overcomer
Part 7: The Obedience of an Overcomer
Part 8: The Authenticity of an Overcomer

The Triumphant Trip to Heaven
Part 1: Preparation for Glory
Part 2: Passion for Your Journey
Part 3: Faith for Your Journey
Part 4: Supplements for Your Journey
Part 5: Growth for Your Journey
Part 6: Failure in Your Journey
Part 7: Chosen for the Journey
Part 8: Completion of the Journey

The Eternal Perspective
Part 1: The Motivation for Ministry
Part 2: Living in Light of Eternity
Part 3: Loving the Wrong World
Part 4: Changing Vanity into Victory
Part 5: The Key to Being Truly Rich
Part 6: The Reassurance of a Heavenly Perspective
Part 7: From Heaven to Earth
Part 8: The Heavenly Broadcast Network
Part 9: Pursuing Your Heavenly Citizenship
Part 10: Preparing for Eternity

Prophecy: A Preview of Coming Attractions
Part 1: Why Prophecy Matters
Part 2: The Key to Prophecy
Part 3: Israel and the Church
Part 4: Rapture of the Church
Part 5: The Judgment Seat of Christ
Part 6: The Coming Tribulation
Part 7: The Second Coming of Christ
Part 8: The Millennial Kingdom
Part 9: The White Throne Judgment
Part 10: What Happens When You Die
Part 11: The Glory of Heaven
Part 12: The Agony of Hell

Watch Your Mouth
Part 1: Dynamite In Your Dentures
Part 2: Judgment In Your Jaws
Part 3: Power in Your Palate
Part 4: God in Your Gums
Part 5: Victory in Your Voice
Part 6: Lord Over Your Lips

Third: Receiving Back the Love You Give Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: Activating the Golden Rule
Part 2: Positioning Yourself for a Miracle
Part 3: How to Handle Crisis
Part 4: The Fast That God Chooses

SECOND: Rekindling a Heart for Others Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: Loving Your Neighbor
Part 2: Practicing Christian Love
Part 3: The Sin of Elitism
Part 4: Rich in Good Works
Part 5: Ministering to the Least
Part 6: Socializing The Gospel
Part 7: Why Christians Matter

First: Returning God to His Rightful Place Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: Loving God First
Part 2: Seeking God’s Kingdom First
Part 3: Choosing God First
Part 4: Experiencing God’s Word First
Part 5: Giving to God First
Part 6: Communicating with God First
Part 7: Prioritizing God’s Son First

Believing Is Seeing: Experiencing The Supernatural Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: The Power of Unbelief
Part 2: Stop Blocking Your Miracles
Part 3: Helping Others Believe
Part 4: Heaven On Earth
Part 5: The Risk of Faith
Part 6: Trusting God in a Storm
Part 7: - Slow to Believe
Part 8: Seeing the Supernatural

Elijah: Putting the Power of the Prophet in Your Life
Part 1: A Lesson about Provision
Part 2: A Lesson about Faith
Part 3: A Lesson about Commitment
Part 4: A Lesson about Prayer
Part 5: A Lesson about Encouragement
Part 6: A Lesson about Legacy

Heroes Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: The Concept of Faith
Part 2: The Worship of Faith
Part 3: The Walk of Faith
Part 4: The Work of Faith
Part 5: The Pilgrimage of Faith
Part 6: The Power of Faith
Part 7: The Test of Faith
Part 8: The Legacy of Faith
Part 9: The Choices of Faith
Part 10: The Risk of Faith
Part 11: The Deliverance of Faith
Part 12: The Triumph of Faith

In Pursuit of Godliness Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: The Meaning of Godliness
Part 2: The Mystery of Godliness
Part 3: The Means to Godliness
Part 4: The Motivation of Godliness

Joseph: Detour to Destiny Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: The Detour of Providence
Part 2: The Detour of Pardon
Part 2a: Walking into Your Destiny
Part 3: The Detour of Provision
Part 4: The Perspective of Detours

Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: Destiny Overview
Part 2: Your Uniqueness & Your Destiny
Part 3: Your Experiences & Your Destiny
Part 4: Your Intersections & Your Destiny
Part 5: Your Worship & Your Destiny
Part 6: Your Future & Your Destiny

Joseph: Detour to Destiny Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: The Purpose of Detours
Part 2: The Pattern of Detours
Part 3: The Proof of Detours
Part 4: The Promotion of Detours
view the Destiny Playlist

The Power of Community Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: Power of Collective Prayer
Part 2: Power of Collective Faith
Part 3: Power of Collective Ministry
Part 4: Power of Collective Worship
view the Power of Community Playlist

The One Anothers: Experiencing God Together Weekly Study Guides
Part 1: Encourage One Another
Part 2: Love One Another
Part 3: Connect with One Another
Part 4: Reconcile with One Another
Part 5: Serve One Another
Part 6: Pray for One Another
Part 7: Comfort One Another
Part 8: Restore One Another
Part 9: Forgive One Another
Part 10: Accept One Another
Part 11: Edify One Another
Part 12: Admonish One Another
Part 13 Welcome One Another
Part 14: Unify One Another
view the One Anothers of Scripture Playlist

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