Harvesters Supporting the Evangleims efforts of OCBF
The Harvesters are a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers that support the evangelism efforts of OCBF. The ministry provides prayer and biblical counseling to individuals following altar calls at the end of Sunday morning services and during special church-wide events. Our volunteers serve and pray for the many visitors and members who come to the OCBF campus for conferences, summits, athletic events, and other special occasions. Additionally, the Harvesters follow-up with first-time visitors to OCBF via phone calls on Monday evenings, which also provides a venue for our visitors to receive prayer, biblical counseling and/or the gospel presentation.

Evangelism Training
Each volunteer is trained in the six-step Romans Road presentation of the Gospel and the use of EvanTell gospel tracts. All Harvesters are required to receive their six-step Roman Road evangelism certification. This is a four-hour training course that convenes online at EvanTell or in person during select dates and times. Some experienced soul winners are simply required to pass the exam without attending the training lectures.

Harvesters encourage members and volunteers to be active witnesses for Christ by being trained in the use of the Personal Evangelism Training tool in sharing the Gospel.

Once a quarter, our members participate in a church-wide evangelism push where they are asked to bring a non-believing friend, neighbor, relative, co-worker, or associate to Christ. Everyone who responds to the salvation invitation receives a telephone call the next evening within 72 hours by a Harvester or church leader. These telephone calls are congratulatory in nature, and provide the church a second opportunity to encourage the new believer to attend the new membership classes.

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