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Encourage Yourself
Words of Encouragement - Dr. Lois Evans
“When worry shows up - and it will - remember you are an overcomer...”
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Today I Looked at My Hands - Shundria Riddick
“Therein lies my strength. That’s how we make it through. It’s the strength of the hands of the one who raised Himself from the dead.”
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The Healer is Here - Shundria Riddick
“It was in the nosebleed section that I began to look around and wonder how many of us appeared healthy and straight outwardly, but were sick and crippled in our spirits.”
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God is Love - Chinedu Okafor
“As I reflect on our recent series, “Overcomers,” and on this Christmas season, one theme keeps coming to my mind." 
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Fan the Flame - Priscilla Shirer
“My sons watched their uncle walk back and forth from the bricked fire pit to the wooded yard beyond it, gathering branches to put in the hollowed quarry. 'What next, Uncle Anthony?'” 
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A Time for Prayer - Michelle Stimpson
“Do you know how to pray according to God’s will? Are you in a season where prayer is particularly difficult? Do you spend more time being entertained than being edified through prayer? People of God, there is a way to pray with power and purpose.”
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One Day at a Time - Ashley Irons
"If I’m not careful, I can let the inevitable changes of life cause me emotional instability, and I know I’m not the only one. 
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God and Weird Visions - Christen Jacobs
"It seems that God wants to communicate His vast 'otherness' to us, and Ezekiel is quite the display of weird things. Why is there a wheel in the middle of a wheel? 
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Is There Enough for Me - Mira Rollins
“God makes it clear that experiencing the wonderful promised land was not an issue of His provisions, but their decisions. ”
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Grace and Peace to You - Karen Bigger
“...we know grace helps us in times of need, we are saved by it, strengthened with it, and it has unending supply."  
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Change is Hard - Chrystal Hurst
“Change wakes us up to the fragility, uncertainty, and temporary nature of life.”
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Exhale - Elizabeth Woodson
“As women, many times we spend life in survival mode, living at an unhealthy pace. I want to encourage you to be intentional about taking time to exhale! ”
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Tell Your Story - Jennifer Cox
“When there is time to share your story, share it.”
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Choose Your Battles - Sandra Robinson
“When we are at war to display the love and characteristics of Christ or when we are not experiencing this from our sisters and brothers, let’s choose our posture, position, and prepare for the battle.”
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Tell Your Story - Shundria Riddick
“My dear sisters, likewise we have collected and held on to hurts, losses, failures, and hard situations. We carry them. As a result, we find it difficult to access the freedom we have in Christ.”
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I Am Not Okay But I Am Not Forgotten - Candice Holmes
“There is a time for everything, and my hope and prayer is that your time for dancing and rejoicing is near.”
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My Kingdom Sisterhood - Zelda Freeman
“I have learned Christian women can touch the lives of other women with love, support, encouragement, compassion, and wisdom.”
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Lessons from Nehemiah - Ms. Rhonda Bellamy
"The story of Nehemiah has been resonating with me, particularly chapter four. Nehemiah is burdened by the state of the city of Jerusalem, and seeks to rebuild the wall so the Israelites will no longer be humiliated."
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Still Growing - Ms. Shirley Hawkins
"I love working with my hands. It brings joy to my heart to create new things or to see something work again. When something breaks at our house, my first response is usually"
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Live in His Presence, Watch Him Create, and Celebrate! - Karia Bunting
"Maybe you are looking forward to a new beginning.  If you are looking for real life, you have to look where it can be found."
From One Single Parent to Another - Sylvia Stewart
"It is not easy to run this race but with Christ we have a chance.  He wants us to follow Him and trust Him and live for Him."

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