Freedom From Relationship Strongholds
Free at Last Support Groups
Freedom From Relationship Strongholds
Free From Low Self-Worth (Co-Ed Groups)
This support group is designed to build self-worth on the love, acceptance and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and not on the acceptance and approval of others.
Required Text: Search For Significance
Author: Robert McGee

Free From Relationship Strongholds(Co-Ed Groups)
This support group will help you work through patterns developed from childhood which fosters one to be drawn into relationships that can be unhealthy due to one being overly dependent on each other.
Required Text: Untangling Relationships
Author: Robert McGee

Free To Experience A Kingdom Marriage (Married Group Only)
*NEW - Free to Experience A Kingdom Marriage: This group is designed to help couples understand the specific purpose for their Kingdom marriage as God intended in order to impact the nation for His Glory.
Required Text: Kingdom Marriage
Author: Dr. Tony Evans

Free From Intimacy Matters (Married Couples Only)
This class provides godly, honorable, and practical information that encourage couples to cultivate deeper intimacy in their marriage. Couples will learn God’s plan, purpose and passion for spiritual, emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy. be Glean a biblical perspective and guidance on a variety of intimacy issues. Learn how to embrace God’s power for wholesome sexual intimacy in your marriage.
Required Text: Total Intimacy: A Guide to Loving by Colors
Author: Dr. Doug Rosenau, and Dr. Deborah Neel, 
and/or Celebration of Sex 
Author: Dr. Doug Rosenau 

Free From Unhealthy Boundaries (Co-Ed Groups) 
This group will address setting healthy boundaries with parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and even yourself by drawing on God’s wisdom.
Required Text: Boundaries
Author: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Free To Live A Victorious Single Life 
This group will help single men and women understand God’s expectation of the Christian single as well as discover that God’s plan is NOW for them to experience significance and purpose in Him and connection with the body of Christ.
Required Text: Singleness: How to be Single and Satisfied 
Author: June Hunt

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