Freedom From Emotional Strongholds
Free at Last Support Groups
Freedom From Emotional Strongholds
Free From Chemical Addictions (Co-ed Groups)
This support group offers hope and healing as it examines why people become chemically dependent, the stages of addiction, and how to depend on God for recovery and restoration. 
Required text: The Life Recovery Bible (NLT) Author: TYNDALE
Free From Sexual Strongholds (Male Group Only) 
This support group aims to provide biblical principles to master impulses that - if left to themselves - can prove to be very destructive. We will provide an accountability system that fosters change and will provide practical steps to addressing the root cause of the desires. 
Required text: Sex Matters Author: Waylon O. Ward
Freedom From The Walls Of Personal and Generational Bondage (Female Group)
Every one of us must confront two sets of walls in our lives—the walls of personally imposed limitations and those imposed socially and generationally. This support group helps you to explore and identify those walls in your life that limit your potential and obscure your purpose. As we explore the biblical story of Rahab the Harlot you will be challenged to see how God breaks through our walls to bring us to a place of freedom and to connect us with a healthy purpose and legacy.
Required text: Rahab's Walls Author: Laura L. Meyer

Free From Anger Issues (Co-Ed Groups)
The purpose of this support group is to help those struggling with anger to control their emotions by providing a community in which to discuss and apply the spirit of self-control. Participants learn how to respond appropriately rather than react inappropriately to their circumstances.
Required Text: The Anger Workbook Authors: Les Carter, PH.D Frank Minirith, PH.D

Free To Forgive (Co-Ed Groups)

Experience release from the emotional prison of unforgiveness with this support group. The interactive sessions will educate and encourage each person to realize the healing brought about by offering forgiveness without strings attached.
Required Text: The Passage to Peace Author: Dr. Guy Earle 

Free From Destructive Thoughts (Co-Ed Groups)
This practical group is designed to help one address the negative thoughts of low self-esteem, anger, unforgiveness, fear, impatience, depression and poverty by replacing destructive thoughts with God thoughts.
Required Text: Transformed Through His Thoughts Author: Guy Earle

Free From Anxiety & Depression (Co-Ed Group)
This support group will help you understand the definitions, characteristics, and causes, as well as the solutions to anxiety and depression.
Required Text: Depression Walking from Darkness into the Dawn Author: June Hunt

Free From A Life Without Purpose (Co-Ed Group)
This group helps participants discover and explore the unique gifts and talents that were uniquely prepared for each of us the day we were created.
Required Text: Purpose is a Decision: Discover, Develop, and Disseminate the Riches Within You Author: Guy Earl

Free From Yielding To Satan’s Attacks (Co-Ed Group)
This group is designed to equip saints with the spiritual weapons to overcome the attacks of the enemy in everyday life.
Required Text: Victory Through Spiritual Warfare Author: Dr. Tony Evans

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