KABI Core Certificate Program
Core Certificate Program
Purpose and Ministry Use:
KABI Core Certificate ProgramRequirements: Students desiring to complete the CORE Certificate Program will need to satisfactorily complete all the requirements of the course listed below.

BT2000: Old Testament Survey
This course aims to explore the major themes of each portion of the Old Testament, as well as presenting a picture of the chronological order of the OT. Students will be equipped with the messages of the Pentateuch, The Prophets, and the Wisdom Literature.
Required Book: Bible

BT3000: New Testament Survey
This course will overview the major themes of the New Testament as it relates to Jesus Christ and the early church. Students who take this class will discover the background, theology, purposes of the New Testament books, and how to apply New Testament ethics to everyday life.
Required Book: Bible

BT4000: Theology Overview
This course will focus on the major areas of theology. Participants will be able to articulate the major areas and identify the major biblical passages that coincide. In addition, participants will be challenged to demonstrate their understanding by developing case studies.
Required Book: Bible

CL3000: The Kingdom Agenda
This course will expose every participant to a thrilling, exciting, relevant, and biblical way to live. The Kingdom Agenda is the essential work for those who desire to understand and live life from God’s Kingdom perspective. Come and learn how God has designed for every area of life to properly align with Himself and how that enables each believer to live life to the fullest.
Required Book: The Kingdom Agenda by Dr. Tony Evans

CL6000: Conflict Resolution: Learning to Handle Conflict God's Way
This class will teach you biblical principles of managing division and strife in your life as well as to assist others in resolving conflict. Attend this class for a life-changing experience in conflict management and building and maintaining harmonious relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and others. YOU MUST READ CHAPTER ONE BEFORE ATTENDING THE FIRST CLASS SESSION. If you are unable to read chapter one before the first class, please register for the next class.
Required Book: Holy Bible; Ken Sande, The Peacemaker.

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