OCBF Comfort & Care
Comfort & Care Ministry
OCBF strives to create a caring community of believers experiencing God and doing life together. That means we support each other during the good and bad times in life. The Word of God is clear that we are to care, love and serve one another, which makes our Comfort & Care Ministry essential to the body of Christ.

More specifically, the Comfort & Care Ministry strives to:
  • Have a presence in the lives of our members and their families directly or indirectly in times of celebration and crisis;
  • Promote compassionate connections through our church ministries to ensure ongoing care for our members;
  • Prepare our membership to become proactive in planning for celebrations and crisis; and
  • Provide resources for caregivers within our community and/or country.
OCBF Worship
Be a part of a community of caring believers that experience God and do life together!
The Comfort & Care Ministry provides a variety of services to support OCBF members in times of illness, bereavement and new birth including:
  • Phone Calls and Prayer
  • Facilitation of cards from OCBF members
  • Hospital, Home and Nursing Home visits
  • Assistance with funeral preparation*
  • Attendance at wakes and funerals
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Funeral Resolutions
  • Ministerial Support
*The Worship Center Sanctuary is available for the funerals of members and their immediate family members at no charge.

SERVICES   Sunday 7:50 & 10:50 am | Wednesday 7:00 pm

1808 W. Camp Wisdom Rd. | Dallas, TX 75232 | 214.672.9100

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