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Rich in Good Works

 1 Timothy 6:17-19

The word “rich” means to have an abundance of something. Normally, when we think of being rich, we think of having lots of money or plenty of material possessions. The truth is there are various degrees of “rich.” Once a person has their basic needs met, anything more than that is some level of “rich.” By the rest of the world’s standards, most Americans are wealthy even if it does not seem that way for you. Being rich is not a bad thing. God is the one who gives us power to make wealth. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

What should the mindset of a rich person be? 1Timothy 6 says that a rich person should not be proud or arrogant. Actually, the richer you are, the more humble you should be and the harder you might have to work to stay that way. The goal of a person who has some measure of wealth should be to resist thinking more highly of themselves in comparison to others.

The rich person has a special ministry to fulfill; where there is greater blessing, there should be greater generosity in resources and good works. When others see the generosity of believers, it will lead them to glorify the Father as they come to understand that the way of His children is so different than that of the world. A believer is able to operate in generosity despite one’s degree of riches because we recognize that God is our source.

We all have the ability to be rich in good works and to bring glory to our God and Savior. In doing so, we shift our mindset from the uncertainty of riches to the certainty of His Kingdom Work and God’s future provision for you. When we choose to be rich in good works, we experience more of God – or as 1 Timothy says, “life indeed” (vs. 19).

Getting Started
  1. Have you ever gone on a mission trip? How did this change your perceptive of what wealth looks like?

  2. Who is the most unselfish person you know? What types of things do they do to demonstrate this?

Let’s Get Personal
  1. Does your ministry account reflect your bank account? In other words, do your good works reflect the abundance of God’s blessings in your life? If so, how are you doing that?

  2. If you struggle financially, the principle still applies! Does your service match your desire for financial stability?

  3. How do you make room in your finances or in your time to be a blessing to others? How do you ensure that you have margin in your life for good works? Share your success or struggle in this area with your group.

Take the Next Step
  1. Share in a time of prayer and confession. If you or others present have discovered that you are not selflessly giving of your time or resources, confess that to God and pray for one another. Ask Him for His help to become more giving of your time and treasures and to show you how to make room in your life for good works that will bring Him glory.

  2. Want to dig deeper? Look at Luke 16:19-31, Psalm 62:10, Acts 9:36-39, Ephesians 4:28, or Hebrews 13:16 and discuss how these passages shed light on this week’s topic.

Renew Your Mind
“Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share...” 1 Timothy 6:18

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