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Lord Over Your Lips
Matthew 16:21-23

Jesus desires to be Lord of your life in every area; this includes your lips. In Matthew 16:21-23, Jesus is preparing the disciples
for the suffering that He will endure on the cross. Peter responds emotionally and rebukes Jesus. Peter did not allow the Lordship
of Christ to influence what he said. Jesus tells Peter, "You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on
God's interests, but man's." (v.23)

What you choose to say and how you say it, should be governed by the rule of our Lord Jesus Christ, not by one's emotions or
outside influences. The challenge is that Satan wants to rule your life. He seeks to influence you to say the opposite of what
God wants you to say. Many times, Satan does this by encouraging you to base what you say on how you feel. His desire is to
have you take your eyes off of God's truths and focus solely on what you see.

It takes real commitment to surrender to the Lord in every area of your life. It involves a decision of faith and the will to speak
what God says, whether or not we see it or agree with it. This implies that there is active participation on behalf of the believer
in governing your speech. When you find yourself saying things that don't agree with God's Word, you must make the decision
based on your commitment to Christ, to change your words in order to line up with God's words. This may involve an
intentionally focused effort at practicing speech that agrees with what God says, or even a commitment to accountability if you
continue to struggle.

Getting Started
  1. During the "Watch Your Mouth" series, where have you been most convicted? What changes, if any, have you already
    made as a result?
  2. What is the Lordship of Christ in your own words? If Jesus is Lord of your life, what does that look like in your day to day
Let’s Get Personal
  1. Have you surrendered to Jesus being Lord of your lips? How do you know?
  2. Do you measure what you say by what God says or by what you think or how you feel? Do you have an example to
  3. Allowing God to be Lord of your Lips is a complex issue. While you may have conquered the issue of using curse words,
    you may still struggle with negative speech. What one area of your speech have you had difficulty surrendering to the
    Lordship of Jesus Christ? Why has that been difficult?
Take the Next Step
  1. Many of us are speaking on behalf of Satan and are unaware. What are you going to do this week to ensure that you are
    speaking the words Jesus wants you to speak?
  2. Spend time in prayer with your group over the matter of your lips and Jesus' Lordship thereof.
  3. Want to dive deeper into this topic? James 4:13-17, Luke 22:31-34, Matthew 10:24-27, Matthew 10:32-33, and Romans 10:9-10.
Renew Your Mind
"...Satan has demanded permission to sift you like wheat; 32 but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail;" Luke 22:32

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